Someone has made it clear to me that i have been neglecting the blog ;0) And i must admit that ive had little time to write anything considering the fact that i spend ALL of my spare time moving..Booo! I hate it but am SO excited to finally be settled into our new place..my goal is to be almost completely moved in by this Sunday! I think i will shock everybody but i am reading a book! *ghasp* :0) I decided to read Twilight by Stephenie Meyer to see what all the fuss is about and i actually like it..alot!

I dont read many books because i usually get bored and never finish them. Its only been a few days and im almost done reading Twilight..i think i might even consider reading the whole series. What else..lets see..OH! Matt and i are thinking about adopting another 'child' :0) We either want a Doberman or a german shepherd puppy!

Now that we have a backyard we have room for one :0) Anywho thats about all thats been going down in our neck of the woods..OH and i got a raise at work! Thats exciting too :0)

Such an amazing man..

..will be deeply missed.

Gordon B. Hinckley
June 23,1910-January 27,2008


So we (mostly me) decided that its time to find a bigger place to live..considering the fact that we try to fit everything we own into our one closet..theres barely enough room for my clothes let alone everything else! ;0) Ive been searching the paper and craigslist everyday for about a month now and i think we have a winner! Its a 2 bedroom 1000 sq ft duplex. Its only a couple blocks away from where we live now which will make moving alot easier :0)

It has a cute little back yard and plenty of room.The people that own it are super nice and want to fix the place up a bit. I told her that Matt and i love doing that sort of thing and she said that shed be willing to pay for any improvements that we want to make like new fixtures,yard care etc AND shes cool with me painting the rooms which makes me happy :0) Anyways it will be nice to live in a bigger place and have more freedom to do what we want. Matt and i also bought some new couches the other day! I picked them out...Matt likes them too though ;0)

i love the leather siding!

The furniture place is keeping them for us until we move into our new place and then they will deliver them. Anywho thats whats going on in the wonderful world of matt and tenille right now..i hope all is well with everyone! xoxo

What? No Pictures?? :0)

So i think i need to catch up a bit :0) On new years day, Matt and i went fishing so that i could try out my new pole..it works great :0) I found an injured bird in the road and we rescued it...a.k.a found a safe place for him and let him go :0) i happened to set my camera on the roof of the car to do this...and forgot about it. So we drive off and 20min later i realized what i did. SO we went back and we found it...in 1,000 pieces! Someone ran it over :0( i know..sad day. So thats why i havent posted any blogs lately because i dont have any pictures. However for my birthday (which was on the 8th) My hubby bought me a NEW camera! He actually bought me two but i took one back..it was a REALLY nice camera but i decided that it can wait. Anyways i am officially 22 years old now! Matt and i wanted to do something outside on my birthday but it rained ALL DAY so that didnt happen. We ate fried french toast at my favorite breakfast place and then looked for new apartments :0) I cant wait to find a bigger place! We actually found one that we really like. I applied for it so hopefully we get it! I promise i will have pictures on my next blog post! :0)