Burney Falls ♥

So Matt and i just got back from a much needed vacation together. We decided to go camping HERE for a couple days ♥

We've been to Burney Falls before but this was our first time camping here...and it was fabulous! Camping is such a stress reliever for me.It feels so good not having a schedule or worrying what time it is. Burney falls is Breathtakingly beautiful! I had fun taking pictures with my new camera :0)

The fishing was GREAT..Matt and i caught some whoppers! :0) Heres my 14 inch brown trout..i caught him in the 25ft deep hole under the waterfall..he was a beauty!

heres a couple more fish that i caught in that same hole..the mist from the waterfall was getting me SOAKING wet!

this is a brook trout ♥

..and another brown...Matt caught some too :0)

Heres another brook trout..and my good lookin' husband ♥

After that we went to Lake Brighton which was only a few miles away..it was muy bonita!

..nice view ;0)

Sunset ♥

Although we did catch alot of fish we didnt keep any for dinner because i brought stuff to make HOBO PACKS!

yummy yummy ♥

We cooked them just right and they were DELICIOUS!! It was SO NICE at night..it didnt even get very cold at all! Im used to freezing my buns off when i go camping so this was quite nice :0) Well..that pretty much sums up our little getaway..We were sad to leave.I cant wait to do it again!