Bathroom Re-do!

So weve been in our house for almost two years now...and weve re-done almost every room...every room, that is, except for our downstairs bathroom. To tell you the truth, it was just SO UGLY i didnt know where to start, so i left it alone. So there it sat for two years, frightening our guests and causing much embarassment for me! A few weeks ago as i walked by our hideous bathroom i decided then and there that i would finally DO something about it! So i did!...Well, Matt did help a little ;0) I tried to make the re-do as inexpensive as possible and i think we were able to pull it of for a very reasonable price! Hooray! :0) We basically ripped everything out (vanity, BROWN toilet and sink, gold sliding shower door..3 layers of ugly vinyl flooring and transformed it into something bright,happy and fabulous ;0) And it only took us about a week to do! :0) Here is the (im so embarrassed to even show you!) before picture of the bathroom!
SO there you have it...our new and improved bathroom! It is still tiny,but im so happy with how it looks now :0) The End.

The paint color i used is called 'Surfer' and its by BEHR :0)
The shower curtain/trashcan/soap dispenser/rug are all  from Target! (LOVE that place! ;0)
The wood flooring is from Lowes. The brand is Swiftlock and the color is called 'Fireside Oak.' (Super easy to install!)
Let me know if you have any other ?'s! :0)