Bad Mommy!

YES we are all still alive! :0) I really need to keep up with this blogging thing..playing catch up can be tedious! :0) SO lets start with the most important event that has occurred semi recently ;0) Our sweet little Easton turned ONE!!! ( i feel like such a bad mommy for not posting about this sooner!)
I cant believe it...he is growing up so fast!..When i look at him now i dont see a baby anymore..i see a sweet little boy ♥ its sad and exciting at the same time! Who woulda thought that one year olds are so much FUN?! Easton is also WALKING now...all over the place in fact :0)  Its pretty much his favorite thing to do :0) We had some family come up to celebrate Eastons birthday with us! It was a blast spending time with are some pics from Eastons big birthday bash ;0)

As you can tell, he was a BIG FAN of the cupcakes and he got some pretty cool stuff for his birthday :0) He got his first wagon (thank you grandma and grandpa ;0) and a little radio flyer tricycle! Along with other awesome goodies! The next day we went to the fair! Easton loved watching the animals and crazy people ;0) Here are some pics of our fair adventure!
We were sad to see everyone leave! Here are some pics of our guests (mom & dad Gates) the only pic i got of youguys was dad pulling Easton in the wagon! So sneaky how you always manage to stay out of the pictures ;0) Heres Grandma Bulkeley having fun with our little bear!
Thanks for coming and making Easton feel special on his big day! We love you ♥ Come back soon!
Easton really is the sweetest boy..i am grateful every day for our little family ♥ I love my boys! :0)