So Matt and i are back from our little get-away and i must say that we had a fabulous time staying in the Trinity Alps! The weather was perfect for us and we had a blast exploring 'uncharted territory' :0) We stayed at a Victorian Inn in a cute little town tucked away in the mountains. During our stay there we saw lots of deer :0)

It felt so good to relax and celebrate our first year of happiness together :0) We did some hiking and enjoyed some breathtaking this one..

We also fished in the Trinity river for steel head trout..and we caught a MONSTER!! No, looked like a monster! LoL

We werent sure if it was a steel head or a salmon..whatever it was it was BIG and it had big TEETH!

I caught the thing but Matts the only one who got a picture with it..go figure! :0) Funny Story: the rivers further up north are a LOT colder than the ones that we're used to and my feet were SO cold while we were fishing and wading in the water that i could barely WALK! When we got back to the hotel i thought that a hot shower would help defrost my aching feet but i soon found that it was a bad idea! My feet turned a bright shade of PURPLE and started swelling up! By the time i bailed out of the shower my feet were HUGE! Matt had gone to the store for something and i was freaking out thinking that my feet were going to fall off! I kept off my feet until the swelling slowly started going down..Ive come to the conclusion that i did in fact get Frost Bite! Anywho i hope you found that incident amusing :0) Matt and i have decided that we need to start using Waders to prevent that from happening in the future..i wonder if they make them in pink ;0) SO anyway i better put more pictures on here for you..We went to a 'fish hatchery' and saw lots of BIG fish!

We also got to see the fish jumping up the 'fish ladder'..that was pretty neat.We had fun finding cool things to do and see..We hiked up to a couple of waterfalls near Wiskeytown before it got dark..

Before we knew it, it was already time to pack up and go home. We got our lines wet one more time before we hit the road :0) The End

P.S...I LLLOOOVE my hubby :0)

November 25, 2007

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I cant believe that its been a YEAR already! Time has flown by so fast and i feel so blessed to be married to my best friend! I look forward to all of the years to come and the adventures we will share in life together. For our anniversary, Matt and i are going to explore the Trinity Alps for a few days and do a little fishing, hiking and of course ReLaXing ;0) So there will be lots of fun and adventure to be had! Ill post pictures when we get back! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to US! :0)


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This year Matt and i are spending Thanksgiving together as a family :0) Were cookin' lots of food just for the two of us and hopefully we wont burn the place down! jk
I just thought id mention a few things that i am thankful for...
1. My Husband and best friend ~ Im so grateful that we will be a family forever!
2.My Heavenly Father ~ Id be lost without Him.
3. My amaizing Family ~ Thanks for all of the support friendship and Love!
4.Friends ~ Theyre great too :0)

I hope everyone has a wonderful THANKsgiving :0)

Interesting week

Last week was pretty interesting at day i came in to find that there was a flower delivery for me and it was on my station..All of the girls were curious to see who it was from.I figured it was from Matt or a family member..after all, it IS almost our Anniversary but NO..i read the letter and was pretty creeped out to find that it was from a customer!

He said i cut his hair in the note but his name did not ring a bell PLUS im pretty sure he noticed the picure of my HUSBAND and i on my station and the ROCK on my left hand...creepy. Matt was a little disturbed but i assured him of my Karate skills! LoL
And yesterday I cut my client Steve's hair who had mentioned that he hunts with falcons the previous time i cut his hair..i told him that id love to see his bird and he had it with him this time! It was pretty neat to see and he let me hold him too! The bird had a 'hood' on so i wouldn't scare him away ;0)

"Who" is a Peregrine Falcon..isnt he amaizing?!

Anyways its not very often that you get to see one of those guys up close so that was pretty cool..I think ive earned some bragging rights as well ;0)

Bowling in Chico

SO Matt and i decided to go bowling one night after work at the only bowling alley in Chico.We hadnt been in a while so we were a little rusty..Or maybe I was just rusty because Matt did fine job beating me :0) Here he is in action!

I picked the pink ball :0)

We played a few games and decided to wrap it up when i was tired of losing ;0)

We went up to the front to turn in our super cool bowling shoes and pay for our was 35 dollars!!! Never in my life have i paid that much for 25 minutes of bowling! As far as im concerned it was a rip off! Fun? yes, but $35 worth of fun?..see ladies and gentlemen..this is one of the reasons why we FISH so much..One, its cheap.Two, you don't get 'rusty' and finally, its always FUN!
SO Matt and I went fishing this week!..big surprise :0) We talked our friend at the Chico Fly Shop and he recommended the lower stretch of deer creek..he gave us some vague directions (which i speedily wrote on my hand) and he mentioned that its difficult to get down there and we were on our way!

lower deer creek happens to be at the bottom of a HUGE canyon which means windy dirt road all the way down the mountain! It would have been smoother in a 4wheel drive however the good ol' civic did famously :0) We found the river at the bottom of the canyon and immediately started fishing..we didnt have much time because it gets DARK so early now...dont you hate that?! Anywho i managed to catch a pretty good sized rainbow trout and a few others as well...

Matt caught a few little guys but they are still fun to catch and SO pretty!

...Love that boy

Anywho we had a good time catching fish and exploring the beautiful new fishing spot.. fishing with your best friend is pretty hard to beat ;0)


SO ive had a few people ask me about my blog lately wondering how ive made it so unique..So i thought id write a little tutorial for those who want to customize their blog a little bit ;0) If you want to put a background on your blog you need to acess your html code which you can find by hitting the 'template' tab and clicking on 'edit html'. Its smart to 'Save your template' before you mess with your html...just in case ;0) Now scroll down the html code a little bit until you see this:

body {

you need to change it to this:

body {
background-image: url(URL address of your image);

Using an image-hosting site like photobucket (for example) copy the Url link of the image you want to use for your background and Paste it inside of the parenthesis ( I highlighted where it needs to go in red.)

I hope this works for you! I have so much fun personalizing my blog (yes im a dork :0) and i hope you will too! If you have any questions..just ask ;0)

Have fun!

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Our New Toy

SO...its been up and running for a few days now :0) but here it is!

...and you guessed it..its a BIG tv ;0) 42" to be exact and were lovin it! Movies are SO much better on a big screen! We mounted it on the wall in our room so we can watch movies in bed! Its great! I just hope that our neighbors cant hear it through the wall...we'll try not to watch Jurassic Park at midnight ;0)


SO Haloween has already come and gone and the end of this month will be our ONE YEAR anniversary!! Can you believe it?! I cant :0) I had to work Haloween this year..BOOO..BUT i didnt let that spoil it for me so I dressed up at a puddy tatt :0)

I decided to make the 'costume' which consisted of ears and a tail myself :0) And my adorable husband wanted to help so HE made the awesome tail and I made the ears :0)

Anywho I got off work at 8:30 that night and was pretty tired..Matt and i ate some dinner and decided to get a new TOY..Its our anniversary present to eachother and were pretty excited about it!! Heres a hint...

Can you guess what it IS?? :0) i'll post pictures when its up and running!
Anywho..i hope y'all had a HAPPY HALLOWEEEEEN! :0)
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