Look Whos TWO!

Yes, thats right! Easton turned TWO a couple of weeks ago! I still cant believe my baby is getting so big/growing up so fast!
This is such a fun age... though it has a bad reputation ('terrible twos') which can be true at times having a two year old is also super FUN/rewarding! He is learning SO.MUCH. right now! He is starting to put little sentences together and is learning/saying new words on a daily basis! Nothing makes me more proud then to see my little boy learning/figuring out new things! NOW on to the fun stuff..his party! I decided to do a 'little monster' themed party for my cute little monster ;0)
Dont you love it when you spend a ton of time on something and barely take any pictures?! Story.of.my.LIFE! ;0) I learned how to make these cool balloon pillar thingys for the occasion :0) It turned out pretty cute and Easton had a blast with his little friends! This year he spit blew out his candles like a champ!
We ate lots of yummy food and had fun playing in THIS (Eastons birthday present from us!)
The process of getting this beast up and running deserves its own post! Easton has a blast with it though so it was definitely worth the work :0) For the party favors i made chocolate mustache pops (which were hilarious) and little stuffed monsters for the kids to 'adopt'/take home!
We had a great time celebrating the 2nd birthday of the cutest little boy in the whole world! Thanks to everyone who was able to join us! :0) Happy Birthday Easton ♥

Adventures in Bako!

A few weeks ago, we took a roadtrip to Bakersfield for my dads 60th birthday! We usually dont make the long trip for birthdays but since he is SO.OLD we had to go ;0)
Im glad we did (as always) because we got to spend lots of time with some of our favorite people! (When are y'all moving to northern Cal? ;0) My dad had a 'surprise' birthday party (that he totally knew about) and it was a blast!
Is it just me, or are dads impossible to shop/get gifts for??! I ended up getting him some outdoor push brooms (dont be jealous ;0) because he broke his old one and was using a kitchen broom to sweep outside!
While we were in town, we took the opportunity to go visit Matts Grandma and Grandpa's grave at the National Cemetery (it was so pretty over there!) It makes me sad that Easton and I never got to meet them.....
We took Easton on a couple of petting zoo adventures while we were there!..Here we are terrorizing petting the animals at Murray Farms ;0)
This was Eastons first petting zoo experience and he L.O.V.E.D it! It went well even though he thought it was pretty cool to herd the goats and sheep around (picture a stampede!) and there were two little roosters there that would chase him and try to attack him with their (insert Napolean Dynamite voice) large talons!  Its a good thing momma bear was there to protect him ;0) We also went to C.A.L.M with Matts brother and sister in law (who is also pregnant and due pretty much the same time i am=fun!)
Easton had a great time running from his parents/being a heathen looking at the animals ;0)
He and his cousin Dariyan are only a week apart and are going to be best buddies :0)
Here are a couple of the residents...
All in all we had a good time! The rest of our trip was spent hanging out with family (Easton loves spending time with his grandmas and grandpas! :0) and eating WAAAY too much food! Everytime we are in town we have to eat at least a dozen Smiths doughnuts/cookies each  and go to Rosemarys for ice cream at least once! These are both local businesses which means we have to be deprived of their goodness until we are in town!
While we were there my parents had their 38th wedding anniversary so we all went to the Elephant bar to celebrate :0)
We all had a blast and talked/laughed our heads off the whole time! Here are the gitty lovebirds ;0)
We also got to see my brother and sis-in-laws new casa while we were in town (super nice!) My SIL is due a month after i am and we are both having boys! Fun stuff! Here we are comparing our bumps :0)
The morning we left we (my brother,sister,mom and niece and I) went yardsaling before we hit the road! It was hilarious/fun driving around looking for signs/sales and we all scored some fabulous 'goods'. In case you didnt know, im kindof obsessed with yard sales ;0)
ANYwho, that pretty much sums up our trip!...they never seem long enough and i cant wait to go back for more fun/adventures with the family! The End