Meet Daisy!

Daisy is the newest addition to the Gates family/barn :0) She is a 5 month old Red Doberman Pinscher. About a month ago, we drove all the way down to San Jose to pick her up. Daisy has been a challenge for me because ive never raised a puppy before and i realize now that having a puppy is a LOT like having a child! We have to constantly 'puppy proof' our casa and are currently in the process of teaching her that the living room is NOT the proper place to pee and poo :0) It's a good thing that shes cute..thats all i have to say :0) Recently, Daisy and i were in the local newspaper together. We were playing at the park and a photographer snapped a pic of us :0)
Dobermans are very inteligent. They are quick learners and good-natured. She is growing SO fast! Shes already gained about 10 pounds in the short time that weve had her! Shes really good in the car because we take her everywhere. She does like to chew so the new couches are off limits for the Daisy dog! Our cat Lu-Lu wasnt too happy about the new addition to the family but shes slowly warming up to the dog. Weve trained Daisy to stay away from the kitty as much as possible to avoid conflict :0) Matt and i cant wait to take her fishing with us this summer! She'll be a good mountain dog..or 'mountain lion meat' as my dad would call it :0) lol Anywho thats the latest and greatest.. heres a couple more pics of the little beast :0) enjoy.
Daisy in the daisies.
Daisy and Daddy :0)

Late...but worth the wait ;0)

I got 'tagged' with this Hubby survey we go!
What is his name? Matthew Douglas Gates
How long have you been together? A year and some change :0)
Where was your first date? We met rafting but i believe i took him fly-fishing for our very first official date at Hidden Falls..Thats where i fell in <3
How long did you date? ...long enough ;0)
How old is he? 25
Who eats more? Matt. But when it comes to Milk..i drink him under the table :0)
Who said I love you first? I wanna say Matt but i think it was pretty mutual
Who is taller? ME! jk :0) i always joke that im taller than he is but he has a few inches on me but when i wear heels..thats another story :0)
Who can sing better? That would be me..i rarely catch Matt singing.
Who is smarter? Id have to say that both of our thinkers work pretty well :0)
Who does the laundry? two work!
Who pays the bills? Him mostly..i just make the $. :0)
Who sleeps on the right side? He does...i like to be the closest to the door.
Who mows the lawn? Paco.
Who cooks dinner? Matt is a great cook. I have some skillz too but he tends to cook more. I bake more than he does though :0)
Who drives? He does usually..especially in the mountains...Windy/narrow roads freak me out a litte
Who is more stubborn? that would be me ;0)
Who kissed who first? He couldnt resist me
Who proposed? He did of course
Who has more friends? who needs friends when you have such a hottie husband? :0)
Who is more sensitive? Were both pretty sensitive however i think he takes the cake
Who has more siblings? MEEE :0)
Who wears the pants? comment ;0)