Creepy Halloween Book Tutorial!

I know its kindof late to be posting about halloween decor BUT i thought id share this easy little tutorial :0)
-First youll need some big old books (i got these gems for free at a yard sale! ;0)
-Spray paint the Binding area with white spray paint and let dry.
-Cut out some vinyl words (making sure they will fit the size of your book bindings!)
NOW i cant find the camera with the rest of the pics (i will post them when i find it!) BUT the next part is SUPER easy and doesnt really need pics! :0)
-Stick your vinyl words onto your painted book bindings how you want them.
-Spray paint over the vinyl words and the rest of the book with black spray paint-Let dry (i did a couple of coats)
-NOW Just PULL OFF your vinyl and WAH LAH! You have some super creepy Halloween books! :0)
Note: If you want them to look older, just lightly sand the worded area with sandpaper (thats what i did :0)

A fun day at the Carnival!

A friend of mine invited us to a little carnival at her son's preschool so I decided to take the boys and have some FUN! :0) Easton had a blast running around with his little friends! There was a big blow up slide and bounce house there that he couldnt get enough of :0) Poor Everett didnt get to do much but he loved watching his big brother! We ate some delicious cupcakes and the boys got filthy! :0) Filthy = a successful/fun day in MY book ;0) GOOD TIMES!
I took the boys to the park today and brought Eastons 'car' with us :0) There was tons of room for them to ride/explore (they have so much fun together on that thing! :0) LOVE my sweet boys!

A Trip to the Pumpkin Patch

We heard about this 'really cool' pumpkin patch about an hour away from us and finally got around to going! I was skeptical about driving all the way there and it not being all that great but that wasnt the was AWESOME! I think the kids favorite part was the train ride around the pumpkin patch...
I dont know who had more fun at the petting or the kids! ;0) I love animals and im pretty sure it rubbed off on my kids..especially Everett! He LOVED the goats! :0)
We even saw some exotic this rare llama ;0)
 I watched it for a while in hopes that i would see it spit on someone..but was sadly dissapointed! HA! ;0) There were all kinds of toys/things to play they are having some good old fashion fun!
LOOK! a HORSE even popped its head into the train car! LOL ;0)
So there was this GINORMOUS slide there that Easton went down at least a dozen time i let Everett go down with him which they though was great! Easton is becoming such a good big brother!
We also 'mined' for marbles as i tried to keep Everett from DIVING into the water the whole time (this boy!)
It was fun spending the day with my boys! I love seeing the joy in their faces when they are having fun/seeing new things :0) We made sure to end the trip on a good note...ICE CREAM! ;0)

Our Crazy Oregon Adventure!

SO my mom always visits my sister Tanya in Oregon for her sons birthday..Ive gone with her a few times but we dont go as much anymore because id rather chew on broken glass than take 2 crying kids on a 8 hour road trip! HA! But THIS YEAR we decided that the boys are at good ages to travel and it would be FUN to all go and invade visit my sis's fam! Im glad we went becuase it was SUPER fun! :0) Cole turned 6 and had his birthday at Chuck-E-Cheese so Easton and Everett got their furst Chuck-E experience! ;0)
They had a blast riding/playing on all the toys and Everett had fun stealing peoples tickets wandering around/people watching :0)
There was this ride there that they both LOVED! It was a simulator ride that you sit in and the chair moves/shakes while the screen shows a roller coaster, flying etc.) They could have sat there for HOURS! (i need one of these at OUR house! ;0)
 Here is a HILarious video of them on it! :0)
We ate pizza/cake and sang happy birthday to Colezie Molezie with all of his cute little friends!
My sister and i challenged eachother to a few games of basketball and i won of course ;0) But she beat me at Mouse Trap later (even though i had more CHEESE!--Stupid game! ;0) We all left exhausted and ready for naps (me included!) Needless to say we all slept well that night! The next day we took all the kiddos to the park!
It was a beautiful (dry) day (unusual for Oregon) and we had a blast! My sis and i couldnt resist being kids ourselves ;0) Love her!
...and for your viewing pleasure :0)
We chased the kiddos around and ate some carmel apples :0)
GOOD TIMES! :0) Cole and Easton spent alot of time outside riding around in the backyard! Cole has mad skills riding his quad around! This was Eastons first experience 'riding' and it made me so nervous watching him! The little battery opperated 12 volt 'slow' quad still seemed a little fast to momma! ;0) Saying he had fun would be a HUGE understatement! :0)
We spent alot of time just hanging out, letting the kiddos play together. My mom and I Easton and Cole spent alot of time outside on the deck catching lady bugs (one of Eastons FAVORITE things to do!)
Everett and his Cousin Ashlyn (shes 3 only months older!) seemed to be in a constant feud! They were spent their time pushing eachother down/taking toys etc! It was quite humorous ;0) You can see it in Ashlyns face here ;0) "...Dont you DARE touch my etch-a-sketch!" ;0) jk
Poor Everett fell down and got an owie on his little nose! We played some dancing game on the Wii a few times and it was HILarious! :0) We also spent a few late nights keeping Billy awake with our thunderous laughing/cackling playing Chicken Foot/Yatzee! We always LOVED playing games in our family and im so glad that we still do! :0) We had so much fun together and im glad we were brave and decided to go! Thank you Tanya and Billy for letting us visit! :0)
We were sad to leave! The trip back to Paradise wasnt horrible and we made it home in one piece! My mom stayed with us for a few days...the FIRST morning she was here, i took her for a bike ride...
aaaand she got HURT! :0( She forgot that her foot was clipped into one of her pedals when we stopped for a breather and she fell right smack into a cement bench hurting her ribs! My hubby came and picked us up and we took her to the ER...a couple hours and X-rays later we learned that her ribs werent broken (thank goodness!) but bruised (ouch!) Needless to say, we didnt get to do any of the fun things that i had planed while she was here (so sorry mom!!) but we did get to spend alot of quality time together! ;0) Thanks for the adventure!