SO i figured it was about time to post something again ;0) Matt and i's latest adventure was a few days ago. We (mostly i) decided to go fishing somewhere 'new.' I found this cool book at a book store about fishing spots in Nor-Cal. I found a fishing spot in the book that was relitavely close and it came complete with directions so we decided to go there!I am a BIG FAN of spontaneous adventures and find myself DRAGGING my weary husband with me on them..hes such a good sport ♥ SO we drove a half our into the mountains and found the 'road' that is supposed to take us down to the river. The 'road' was VERY narrow and not paved and took us down a bumpy windy journey into SCARY MOUNTAIN FOLK territory! the 'road' was lined with junky old trailer homes and unwelcoming 'no trespassing' signs. I was starting to feel very uneasy and hoped that we wouldnt get shot at...Have you seen the movie Deliverance??? Check out the creepy signs we came accross on our way to the river.

...And the award for the CREEPIEST church goes to...'The Church of Asia.' :0) So we keep driving and finally get into National Forest Property..Which means NO MORE hillbillies! (Big sigh of relief) We finally made it to the river and were pleased to find this:

We fished for hours and i caught some Rainbow Trout,

Brook Trout,

and Golden Trout (cool pic huh? :0)

Heres me with some smaller fishies...

Hey..small fish are still fun to catch!

...and the best catch of all ♥

Academy Update

SO Matt is doing VERY well and as of now is NUMBER ONE in his class!!! He did very well on the last few tests he took and moved from #2 to #1! I am SO proud of that boy ♥. The 122nd Police Academy is trying to raise money for graduation so Matt came up with a great idea...i come to the academy and cut their hair on my days off and the Money goes to their class. We did this a couple days ago and it was pretty fun! Here are some pics of my victims :0)

It was cool to meet a few of Matts fellow academy classmates and see where his classroom is and such..now i can better visualize where he goes everyday and who is in the academy with him :0)


i am SO excited that i got my blog back!!! About a week ago i accidentally deleted my blog and EVERYTHING was GONE! Two years worth of POSTS and all of my links and contacts and such..it was HORRIBLE! I bugged blogger everyday for a week begging them to restore my blog and just when i thought all was lost they emailed me back and FIXED IT! yyyaaaayyy! I was so happy :0) And as a celebration ive created a blog where i will post cool blog backgrounds that ive created and you can put them on YOUR blog if you want! Installation instructions are attached to the backgrounds. Just go here --> ♥ Tenilles backgrounds ♥

I'm Proud of my Hubby ♥

We have been pretty busy lately with work and life in general.Matt has been enrolled in the 122nd Police Academy for about a month now. He is doing VERY well and we are both excited about the career he has chosen to pursue. He is working very hard to be the best in his class and i must say that its paying off! He is the Vice President of his class and he is currently ranked #3 out of his 50 academy mates! (Hey..im allowed to brag :0) As a result to all of the physical training they make the cadets do in the Academy Matt is lookin' goood and puttin ME to shame in the workout category ;0) Its fun to hear about all the interesting things hes learning about the job and ive been helping him study alot! Matt is learning so much and i can tell that he has finally found exactly what he wants to do for a career. He is so excited to make a difference and im very proud of his decision to do so :0) He graduates in November and we are looking for places we want to live and work. He can either work for the Police Department or the Sherrifs. So far, the Sacramento area looks promising.Were considering some other neat places in CA like Morro Bay or Monterey as well. Or we might just stay in Chico, who knows :0) Its kind of a BIG decision so we will have to do alot of searching and praying but we are both VERY excited to see what the future holds for us ♥ Wish us luck!