"I left my heart in San Francisco"

Matt and I had the same day off work together so we decided to go on another "day vacay" :0) Since neither of us have acutally been to San Fransico we decided to go check it out...and it was awesome! The city is pretty cool..lots of tall buildings and lots of people :0) We drove through 'china town' and saw lots of Asians,oriental shops and restaraunts..then we came across this really cool building that we just had to check out...it looked like a huge roman temple but apperantly it was an art museum..anyway it was gorgeous and i took lots of pictures :0) We found some cool beaches...literally (gotta love NO-CAL) but it was nice and sunny outside...beautiful day! It was neat to see the Alcatraz prison in the middle of the Bay..we heard the tour is pretty cool so that will be an adventure for another day :0) Everytime i go to the beach i always crave clam chowder in a bread bowl so of course that was our lunch ;0) The BEST part of SanFran was the Golden Gate Bridge! We found a pretty nature trail that led us right up to it and i got to take some cool pictures.We relaxed by the beach and watched the boats go by.After that we went to the Fisherman's Warf and had hot fudge sundaes at the Ghiradelli Factory..Yummmy!! :0) We were exhausted by the time we got back home but it was well worth it..I had an awesome time exploring San Francisco with my best friend! ;0)

Our day at the ZOO!

Lately it seems as though Matt and i are ALWAYS working and havent had much time to ourselves and since our schedules finally gave us the same day off we decided to escape Chico and go to the Sacramento ZOO! ..(even though gas has been CrAzY expensive lately) holy cow! Anywho it was well worth it becuase we had SO much fun! :0) First we had a picnic next to a pond in a really pretty park next to the zoo and fed the sqirrels too :0) Then we walked around and looked at all the cOOl animals! I had my camera out the whole time and took pictures of just about every animal there :0) my favorite animal was this one called Matt ;0) jk The baby Siberian Tigers were adorable and the chimpanzees were hillarious!! It was a gorgeous day to be outside which made it all the better.The only part i didnt enjoy was getting stung by a giant bee!!..just my luck! lol i had fun the rest of the time..as you can see :0)

We met Arnold Schwarzenegger!...kinda :0)

After the Sacramento Zoo adventure..Matt and i decided to check out the State Capitol Building since we were in the neighborhood..The building itself was really cool so we decided to take a peek inside..in the hall there were a bunch of little kids from a catholic school and members of the Press waiting..we figured they were waiting for something cool so we decided to wait with them to find out what it was that they were so excited about..i made sure i was in a good spot..i had my camera ready :0) Then all the sudden Arnold Schwarzenegger comes out of a meeting with a bunch of guys in suits..everyone goes crazy and i was trying to get a good picture of him..i guess i was in a really good spot becuase i got attacked by the Press!!They were all over me and i got hit in the head with one of their cameras! Matt saw the whole thing and was quite angry about it BUT i managed to get a pretty good pic of Arnold and the guy who,they say, will be the next governor...Arnold is alot shorter in person :0) A businessman who was there gave me his email address and asked me to send him a copy of the pic.So yeah it was pretty cool...random, but cool :0)


Okay so growing up, matt and i were both raised in homes with lots of critters around..cats,dogs, turtles etc.. now that we are on our own weve found that something is missing..animals :0) yes i know we have the weasle but he doesnt count..he doesnt sit in your lap when you watch a movie or sleep at the end of the bed at night..he cant even sit still long enought to pet him for very long..although he is getting better with that :)So matt and i have been taking frequent trips to the Chico Animal Shelter to hang out with the kittys while theyre stuck in a boring room full of other cats. Everytime we go, we are SO tempted just to take one and give it a good home..poor things. Weve been holding back though because there are 4 cats at matts parents house in bako and one of them (ninja) will be coming home with us the next time we visit :0) so were looking forward to that! i do have a question though: Do you think its mean to keep an indoor cat in a small one bedroom appartment?? i figure it would be if we were getting a dog or something because they need space but a kitty? hmmm


Weve been looking for a better appartment since we got here and didnt have much luck for a while..little did we know that something better was right under our noses :0) one day i was riding my bike around our neihborhood and found the cutest place right down the street! i noticed it was empty so i went and asked chris, our landlord about it..it was available and he said hed give us a good deal if we decided to take it because he had just sold the appartment complex we lived in at the time and still wanted us as tenants..this was at the beginning of february and we had just paid rent for the month so we were going to wait until the next month to make our move..the new owners of our appt. complex were crappy and would wake us up every morning while they banged around upstairs 'remodeling' the appartment above us..that was pleasant..like our crazy neighbors werent noisy enough? anyways..the last straw was when they turned the power off in the vacant appartments and accidentally turned ours off in the process! when we called them to fix there mistake they said that they couldnt come do it until monday..this happened saturday a.m! i dont know about you but i prefer having electricity in my home ..to make a long story short alot of phone calls were made and i had a very frustrated hubby. They finally sent someone to fix the problem. That wasnt fun. SO we decided to move into the other appartment that next week :0) we like it alot..its single level so we dont here ppl stomping around above us, its secluded and surrounded by trees so theres more privacy and its bigger inside which is nice :0)

being sick=no fun

There are two SuperCuts locations in chico and one of the stores has had alot of stylists quit in the last month and needed more employees so they decided to stick me over there which is fine..the only problem was that everyone that works there is sick! SO of course i caught what they had and ive been sick with a crappy case of the flu for the past week and im still getting over it...yuck. I hate being sick! And the timing was horrible because weve been trying to move into our new appartment...needless to say poor matt has done more than his share of moving and hauling..i love that boy!