Sisters ♥

SO My sister Tanya and her fam were in MY neck of the woods for a few days so Matt and i went down to where they were camping in Hat Creek for a little visit! :0) It was SO fun seeing my sis considering its been over a YEAR since weve seen eachother last...sad huh?..thats WAY too long! ♥

My nephew Cole is a handsome little devil and is getting SO big! Here he is with Auntie Tenille ;0)

Here he is doing what little boys do best...gettin' DiRtY!

It was nice to be in the mountains and relax with some of my favorite people :0)

We all went fishing and caught a couple...

Then we played some badminton and hung out for a while.Heres my hubby in action ;0)

So handsome ♥

Roxy dog missed her auntie too! :0)

Later we ate some yummy sloppy joes (classic camping meal) and sat around the campfire..Tanya and i showed everyone our wood chopping skillz ;0) We chatted for a while then had to leave because i had to work in the morning :0( It was sad to say goodbye to my sister but im glad that we got a chance to see eachother for a little bit! Thanks for letting us crash your campsite ;0) ♥

Ball Game

So Matt and i played in a softball tournament for his Department a few days ago and it was a blast!

I played second base for 3 games and did pretty good considering the fact that i havent played in over 2 years :0) We even won a couple games..It was pretty much awesome. Heres Matt up to bat :0)

There arent any pics of me in action b/c Matts not the best picture taker...'Matt, youre fired!"Heres some of the 'team' in the dugout :0)

The people Matt works with are glad i got to meet them. For the next few days we were SO was ridiculous. Im pretty sure i need to work out more ;0)

I ♥ my Dads!

I love you both so much and feel blessed to have you in my life! Dad Gates, i barely have ANY pictures of you!...We need to remedy that ;0) i hope you both have a nice relaxing day and im sorry that i cant be there with you.

Talk about RaNdOm...

Here are some random pictures of what weve been up to no particular order :0) Here we are kayaking! Kayaking=FUN ♥

...some pics i took of my babies :0)

LuLu is my favorite it wrong to have a favorite pet? ;0)

...Crazy Daisy!

We went fishing ♥ (excuse the ugly picture)

Trains = cool

He loves me :0)

I cut the tip of my finger off last night on accident and had to go to the hospital= NO fun= Sad day. Its kinda hard to type with a humungo finger ;0)Thats ALL folks!

"The BEST dog in the world"

It was a sad day for the Gates family when it was time for sweet Millie to go. She has been a part of the Gates family for 16 years and was my husbands first dog. They had many adventures and fond memories together. We love you Millie dog and will never forget you ♥

My Birthday Boy ♥

SO it was my favorite person's birthday on the 6th! Since our last river adventure, We've been wanting to get into kayaking SO we decided to just go ahead and get a couple of river kayaks for his b-day!!! Were always up for new AdVeNtUrEs ;0) It was also my moms birthday on the 5th so a big shout out to her as well! My husband is so awesome/studly/wonderful and i am so happy that i get to spend every day and every birthday with him for the rest of my life!...for this, i consider myself a lucky girl ♥ I love you Mr. Gates!..Even though you are an old man ;0)