Ah, mothers day...the ONE day a year that we are appreciated for all that we do ;0) I saw this quote somewhere and just love it so i thought id share...
 I feel so lucky/blessed to be a mom! Even though being a mom sometimes entails not having time to take a shower for a couple weeks days ;0), constantly cleaning the house just to find it destroyed again faster than you can say 'dirty diapers', wiping boogers/bums all day long, sporting the same yoga pants/greasy bun/ponytail for days etc. Is it a glamorous job? Certainly not, but is it rewarding? Yes! There is no greater joy in my life than being Eastons mommy/teacher/best friend. Im so grateful that i can be home with Easton and watch/help him grow into the little man he is becoming!  Its terrifying crazy to think that NEXT MONTH i will be the mother of not one, but TWO sweet/amazing little boys! I am constantly thinking/asking myself if i am 'ready' for this...and each time the answer is 'no, you are nuts!' (Is anyone ever 'ready' to have another baby?? Happy, thrilled, excited ,yes, but 'ready'?) Im so excited to take on this new adventure but still no where near 'ready'...and i hope think thats okay :0) I am so grateful not only to be a mom myself, but also for my own mom. Its only when you are older that you can fully understand/appreciate everything your own mother did/does for you! I love both of my amazing moms and want to wish ALL the moms out there a Happy Mothers Day! May your day be filled with love,sweet surprises and foot rubs! :0)


  1. You are so brave to have another baby! You will do great, I'm sure. Everyone I talk to says it's easier with two after the first few weeks of sleepless nights. Good luck with your delivery!! Also, glad I'm not the only one that wears the same outfits for days. Haha.