Easter Fun

So Matt and i drove to Bako to be with the fam for easter. It was SO great to see everyone and we had a blast! Heres me and my sibs -1 (miss u tans!)

and my bonita Mamasitta :0)

We stayed with mom and dad gates and got to spend lots of time catching up! They did an easter egg hunt for Matt, Me and Andy (matt's brother)..hey..you're NEVER too old for easter-egg hunts! :0)

Then we went to Matt's family ward for church. After that we went to my parents house for dinner. I insisted that we dye eggs..It was fun..and messy :0)

Dinner time!! Mom did a great job on the turkey :0)

After dinner..we (i mean the easter bunny) hid eggs and candy for the kids to find :0)

Arent they cute!? After that we all hung out in the backyard..ate some more food and chatted..And i cut some mops :0)

I couldnt have asked for a better Easter..it was fabulous! While we were in town we also got to attend the reception of one of my best girlfriends..she looked beautiful and im so happy for her and her new hubby!!

Biggie D was there too..hes the red lobster in the middle ;0)

it was so good to see the familiar faces of friends and family!


So Matt and i decided to go to Eureka because we havent been there before and we heard that it was pretty..and it was :0) It was so good to see the beach and Daisy got to experience the ocean for the first time.
I had fun taking pictures..heres Daisy being a model ;0)

We hiked along the beach and explored the tide pools :0)

We went to the Redwood Forest and hiked a trail through HUGE trees..

I saw this sign and was intrigued...

..C'mon..ya GOTTA get close! ;0)

We checked out a place called 'Fern Canyon.' It was a little canyon in the redwoods covered in ferns..it was muy bonita :0)

Good times :0)

I changed my font at pYzam.com

I heart Springtime!

So the weather has been beautiful for a couple of weeks now and Matt and i have been trying to make the best of it :0) I bought Matt some nice binoculars for Valentines Day and we've gone bird-watching a couple of times..(i know..were DORKS :O) We saw alot of hawks and Bald Eagles! Cool huh? Heres Matt in action :0)

Also we (mostly me) decided that we needed to make our front yard look nicer SO we bought some electric hedge-trimmers and i had fun trimming our bushes out front..they look so much nicer now! AND we (mostly Matt) pulled up an ugly bush that we had and i replaced it with flowers and such! Heres a before pic..after we pulled out the ugly bush..

And heres me creating my masterpiece ;0)

TA-DAAAH! Heres the finished product...

That was the first time ive ever planted my own garden..not too shabby eh? :0) Weve been taking Daisy to the park alot becuase its so nice outside..

Bidwell park is so pretty and only a few minutes away from our casa..

Daisy has fun smelling the other doggies there and being a spaz :0) Heres some pics of the Daisy dog in action!

Heres me and Daisy bein' lazy :0)

Before we left the park we walked down by the river and daisy had fun in the water.

Seing the river made me realize that we havent gone fishing in a looong time! Hopefully we will be going soon ;0)