Another Kitchen Update!

So we installed a new backsplash a while ago and it looks great! i just havent posted about it because my kitchen has been too messy to take a picture of it...until today that is ;0) Here are some befores...This first one is how we inherited our kitchen...

After we painted the cabinets and installed new hardware...
..Check out that hideous tile backsplash...Scary!

and some new and improved afters!...(With our new DIY backsplash!)

I also made a chalkboard out of an antique mirror i bought at a thrift store for $2...heres the before pic of that..

...and after ♥

Here is our sink area (Matt installed a new faucet.)
My silly kitty...i ♥ her

Thats all folks!

Our latest outdoor excursions..

A few weeks ago, we went to a place called Black Rock. We heard it was a cool place and we wanted to see how the truck would do on a nice bumpy dirt road...and im glad to report that it did famously! ;0)

It was SO pretty there and we saw like 1,000 deer on the way! Well, it was more like 50 but thats alot!! On our way up we came across this indian shrine thingy on the edge of a cliff...(Ishi indians use to live up there..i heard that some still do!) I couldnt decide if it was cool or be the judge!

Here are some pictures of the area..

and this is Black Rock...

its basically a

Mill Creek ran through the area so we decided to get our line wet and do a little hiking! However, we didnt stay long because it was getting dark (we got there kinda late) AND i was told by a reliable source that there was a large population of 'cats' up there a.k.a. mountain we hit the road ;0) It was fun though and we found a cool campground there so we will definitely be back! Now for our other outdoor outing... a couple days ago we were driving around the area and found a dirt road on my handy-dandy GPS that apparently crossed the river.. so we decided to explore. It was a steep windy road down the canyon. It was gorgeous outside and a great day for exploring :0) ...20 min down the road this is what we found!

I couldnt resist the urge to fish!

Matts photography skillz ;0)

We are glad we found a good spot to fish so close! We also found a fire lookout tower on the top of a super tall mountain which i am dying to go check out...maybe another day! Thats all folks!


i heart carving pumpkins...always have! SO,everytime Halloween rolls around Matt and i always make sure we carve pumpkins together!

My handsome hubby...

Yours truly...

..the Lu decided to come help...

..and i decided to give her KISSES!!! :0)

We picked out pumpkin patterns from this book that i had. It rated the difficulty of the patterns..1= easiest..5= hardest. I picked an easy one (a 2) and Matt picked the hardest one (a 5) I finished mine in no time and got to listen to Matt grumble and complain for an hour..heheh Love you Matt! ;0) Needless to say, his hard work paid off..his looked WAY better than mine! Here is the finished result!

Can you guess which one is mine? ;0)
Thats all folks!

Im Back!

Its been a while..and BOY do i have alot of catching up to do! In my defense, life has been a little crazy around these parts lately and isnt slacking what a pregnant woman does best? ;0) Lets see..about a month ago, the parentals and my sister Tara came up to visit us in our new place!

We had such a great time together and it was SO nice having some family around for a change ♥
In the morning, we walked over to the park down the street from our casa for 'Johnny Appleseed Days' :0)

It was a charming little annual fair with lots of stuff to look at and loads of yummy food!

At the fair, my dad put me in a quilt drawing and i won three of them! It was quite exciting :0)

Apparently i needed some more blankets in the house anyway b/c everyone 'froze' at night! My sister got so cold in the middle of the night that she searched our house for some more blankets and only found the next morning she was covered in towels like a bum!..A sight i will not soon forget ;0) LOL! Sorry guys! Needless to say the next couple nights were ALOT warmer!

We also went to Deer Creek for a picnic and a little was way colder than we anticipated so we made a fire...without matches might i add!...Skillz people...skills ;0)

Heres me freezing by our table :0)

Gettin' my line wet...

Dad picking a fly to use...

There were a TON of pictures taken but i forgot to steal them off of my moms camera before she left! Boooo! Anyways i have the most awesome family ever and im so happy that i got to hang out with them for a little while! Come back soon ♥

My handsome Gardener ♥

Matt has been doing a great job with keeping the yard looking i let him get a new toy ;0) Here is Matts new lawn mower!

It was kind of fun picking out our very first lawnmower together! Good times :0)