Memorial Day

So after i found out that my cat Honey was missing, we decided to make a quick trip to Bakersfield for Memorial Day to visit and try to find the youngest member of my FAMILY. We left on saturday after work and got into Bako at 4:45 am..we were tired! The next day we made 'LOST CAT' flyers and posted them around my neighborhood. We also knocked on doors and asked people if they'd seen her..still no still bummed that we couldnt find her while we were there but i havent lost all hope. Matt and i were glad to be with our families and it was nice to relax a bit.
On Memorial Day we woke up bright and early for the 'pancake breakfast' that the boyscouts put on at the park accross the street from mom and dad gates house..later that day we went to my grandparents house for the traditional Memorial Day BBQ..complete with swimming, good food, and thats a good combination :0) We left a little early because we needed to drive back to Chico and wanted to get there at a decent hour..We said goodbye to everyone and left although we miss being around FAMILY..we DID however stop at Rosemarys before we left Bako..'Steve's banana split'...gotta love it! :0)

Pirates of the Carribean

Yet another 'Pirates' movie came out and Matt and i got to dress up as scuurvy pirates again for the "midnight showing". The movie was entertaining but not as good as i hoped it would be..i give it 2 and a half stars..The movie was finally over at 3:30 am and we were exhausted the next day..hey, at least we got to dress up as PiRaTeS! "YYAAARRRR mateys!"

"Climbin' the ladder"

Ive been working for SuperCuts a little over a year now and transfered to the Chico location about 6 months ago (after Matt and i got married.) Recently i was made a Shift Manager and so far i like it..there's more responsability involved which is fine and ill be getting alot of valuable experience as a manager :0) I like the girls i work with and enjoy cutting hair!

LOST CAT :0( Please find her!

My cat 'Honey' back home in Bakersfield has been missing since is now Saturday and it makes me very sad that she hasnt been found. She is 'declawed' so she has no claws and no way to protect herself if she runs into trouble..I grew up with that cat and love her VERY much. She is probably lost in my neighborhood somewhere and unable to find her way home which worries me because she has no food and cant find her way back :0( Since im not there to look for Honey i would really appreciate it if my friends back home would keep an eye out for my cat or even possibly look for her around my neighborhood..i love that cat and can only hope that she is safe. Thank you

Camping Trip Pics :0)

Camping Trip!!!

So matt and i got sick of working and decided to go camping on our day off :0) On monday night after work and school we rounded up our camping poles sleeping bags flashlights and food :0) We found a campground when we went fishing the week before and decided to go there for the night.It was already dark when we started driving to the mountains..we were the only ones on the road the whole way was so dark, we could only see the road and the dark shadow of trees on both sides of we turned a corner on the windy path, there was a man standing in the middle of the road and we had to slam on our brakes!! As we looked at the dark man we saw something gleaming in the moonlight and realized the man had a HOOK for a hand!!...Just kidding :0) We were trying to scare eachother though :0) we DID have to stop for a deer to cross the road :0) however, we managed to scare eachother enough that we hoped other people would be camping too :0) we finally made it to the campground and were a little relieved to see fires from other campers in the dark.We found a good spot for the night and made a fire to roast our hotdogs and smores..we were starving!! It was really nice outside so Matt and i decided to 'sleep under the stars' which i havent done all about having a tent to shield me from all the things that CrAwL but i thought id give it a try :0) i insisted that we sleep on the picnic table at least so we wouldnt wake up covered in bugs..we squeazed into one sleeping bag on the unusually small picnic table and had the most uncomfortable half night's sleep ever! lol We woke up at like 4am and decided to sleep in the car for the rest of the night ;0)We woke up the next morning, got out our fishing gear and went fly FiShInG :0) it was a beautiful day to be outside and we had fun hiking and fishin..we both managed to catch a few fish each and i of course managed to get a usual :0) we started fishing at 10am and didnt stop until 4:30pm! Needless to say were both pretty sore today :0) Fishing is one of our favorite things to do though and i would recommend it to anyone who enjoys to be outdoors ;0)

Our new =o=Cat-~

So matt and i brought a cat home with us from Bakersfield and weve had her for a few weeks now..her and the Weasle get along famously and she is so cute and fun to have around. Her name is 'Ninja' but my animals always have a million nicknames..ive been calling her 'Boo' 'Squeaker' or 'Kittaan'..i want to get a collar made for her but i cant quite seem to stick with one name ..hmm.My ferret has a million names too..i wonder what will happen when Matt and i have kids! i hope ill be able to decide on ONE name :0) that will be interesting.ANYWHO this cat is kinda funny..she gets really needy at night and loves to jump in bed with us and bug ME..not Matt! lol She loves to jump on top of me while im asleep and lick my face..and those who know me, know that im not one that likes to be woken up and will become very grumpy when this happens..i cant get too mad though because she is so stinkin cute BUT im hoping she will get the hint soon OR start bugging Matt instead ;0) heheh

a LOT of driving :0)

Matt and i took a week off of work to visit our families and friends in Bakersfield and then took the long trek to Utah for my grandpa's suprise 90th birthday party..While in bako, we got to relax and hang out with some of our favorite people. Matt helped Jimmy and Justin set up their sailboat in his front was really cool but unfortunately we didnt get around to sailing it that day..i didn't know matt knew so much about sailing..hes full of suprises ;0) That night we went with mom and dad Gates and Andrew to Whoolgrowers for dinner. I had never been there before and have always wanted to try it out..The food was really yummy..i cant say the same for the pickled tounge though..hey, at least i tried it! The next day (april 24) my dad turned 55! Matt and i decorated the house with streamers and 'happy birthday' banners and a bunch of people came over for a BBQ/birthday party.. it was alot of fun..however, dads not too happy about being eligable for the 'senior discount' now ;0) The next day (Wednesday) we hung out with the Gates fam until around 5ish then mom and dad Bulkeley , matt and i left for Utah..we went half way and stayed at the Oasis in Mesquite..i always sleep really well in hotels for some reason and i usually turn the AC on full blast..good stuff :0) In the mornin we drove the rest of the way to Thad and Britts place in Provo.Both of my sisters made it up there that night so we had the whole bulkeley crew there..yeehaw :0) The next morning we woke up bright and early for my brother Thad's graduation ceremony from BYU and had a BBQ afterwards to was fun to catch up with everyone :0)
The rest of the day we just hungout and enjoyed the company.On Friday, we decided to check out 'Bridalvale Falls' and did a little hiking with my sister and was really nice outside and i managed to get sunburned..of course :0) That night was my Grandpa Richard's birthday.The party was in Heber, Utah at my Aunts new was beautuful there and we saw a bunch of deer in their yard..which apperantly is no big deal to people who live in Utah but is way exciting for us Californians! lol :0) My grandparents were so touched by all the people who showed up to celebrate.They have 11 kids together who live in various parts of the U.S and ALL of them showed up! So it was more like a family reunion :0) I got to show off my husband to all of my relatives and we had a great time..we were exhausted by the end of the night but it was nice to catch up with family i havent seen in a while :0) The next day we all met again for a lunch-in before we all went our own ways..Afterwards we said our goodbyes and started the long drive back to with my dad, my bro-in-law and my neice and nephew who fought like cats and dogs in the car most of the time..not fun.We stopped at State Line and stayed at Buffalo Bills..again, another good nights sleep in a hotel :0) In the morning we rode the roller coaster there and i played a slot machine for the first time..woohoo! lol Then we ate some breakfast in the casino which reaked of cigarette smoke and old people..yuuummy :0) lol anywho we made it back to bakersfield around 3pm, hung around for a while and then i drove us back to Chico..this time we brought a kitty home with us! which was interesting considering we already had a ferret tagging along..but they did great in the car and actually slept in the same bed was cute..Well that concludes most of our vacation adventure!!