The Reason for the Season

The holiday season is here again! The parking lots are FULL of people competing for a spot to park and Every store is PACKED with people buying gifts, gifts and more gifts. While im at work cutting hair, all they talk about is shopping and presents and what they bought and what Santa is bringing them...It just seems as though people(me included) sometimes lose track of what Christmas is really about and what our minds should be focused on..the important things...

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If you have a minute, you should try this out..its pretty neat :0)
Look at the image above. Notice the 4 small dots in the middle of the image. Focus only on those four small dots for ONE FULL MINUTE. Dont let your eyes stray from those 4 dots for 1 minute. When you've stared at those dots for one minute, close your eyes. Keep them closed and something will appear...The TRUE meaning of Christmas. HINT: if you do it right, you see the Savior :0)


  1. Please tell me what the true meaning of Christmas is...All I see is a skeleton with heart eyes. Haha.

  2. That's cool. I need to keep a copy of that picture with me and do this exercise 100 times a day! Love, Mom G. xoxo

  3. Gentry boy? No that's John Pruett, and yes...that was a bit akward at first. (Just for me-Andy could care less:) Andy's twice the man though. I probably shouldn't be writing that online.;) I thought your pic would probably something cool like the Savior...I tried it again and I still can't do it. I'm lame. To answer your prego questions...I'm not really showing yet but my Dr. said I gained a pound last week. This is my last week of the first trimester though, so I should be putting on the pounds soon:) If I stop barfing that is. I find out at the end of January if it's a boy or a girl. Exciting!

  4. This was really neat at first, but now I feel like a pyscho walking around and seeing this floating Jesus out of the corner of my eye!

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