One Cute Kid!

I try to take lots of pictures of Easton (although sometimes im a huge slacker!) Some months i dont take any pictures...not ONE! mother would be so dissapointed! ;0) Easton is growing up so fast and i want to capture him as he grows into a sweet little boy ♥ I just thought id share some of the recent Easton cuteness to brighten your day :0)

The End :0)

Family FUN!

HELLO! I think its about time that i update this thing! ;0) An aventure took place a couple of weeks ago and needs to be documented (along with the thousand other adventures that i need to put on here! OY!) Ill just start with this one..but FIRST here is a recent picture/info about Easton! ;0)
My sweet little boy is already 17 months! He is just the cutest thing and i love watching him learn new things and explore! He is so smart and is starting to talk alot more. His favorite word right now is "Uh-Ohhh" (he mostly says it when he throws drops stuff) Here is a list of other things he says:
Yo Gabba Gabba--(Gab,Gab)(His favorite show ;0)
Light--(Laaaii) He has an obsession with lights and makes it a point to point out every light he sees! :0)
AND there are some others too that i cant remember at the moment! But its fun to listen to his sweet little voice :0) LOVE that boy! Anywho, on to the adventure ;0) My mom came to town and stayed with us for a few days! We spent some qualitly time catching up, laughing, playing with Easton and going to yard sales! One thing you should know about us Bulkeley girls is that we love us a good yard sale! ;0) Here i am cleaning the play structure that i got for ONE DOLLAR! Score!
I look a little too crazed excited in the picture! HA! :0)
Easton LOVES it...and yes, i put it inside! (cause im ghetto cool like that ;0) We also walked down the street to the annual 'fair' here in Paradise called Johnny Appleseed days and we bought some cool wooden rubberband guns that shoot ping pong balls! Matt and i battled it out with those later that day (I won of course ;0) Here we are at the park after the fair festivities...
The weather was PERFECT that whole week!...SO nice! We also went to see the Salmon run in Oroville! This time every year, the river is completely packed FULL of huge salmon who travel there from the ocean to spawn. Pretty cool site to see all of them!
This is a fish ladder...they swim up these!= COOL!
Easton not feeling very photogenic ;0)
We had fun for a few days and then took a road trip to Corvallis Oregon to visit my sister Tanya! This trip is becoming an annual tradition. Easton did really well in the car for 8 hours but we were all happy when we finally made it there! We had such a good time together! Everytime i see my family i just wish that we could all  live closer to eachother so we could visit more often! My sister is 5 months pregnant (even though i look more pregnant that she does she doesnt look it ;0) We found out that she is having a little GIRL in February and we couldnt be happier! (she already has a cute little boy! ) So that was pretty exciting! Everytime we go to Oregon we always end up bringing twice as much crap stuff back with us! (gotta love the no taxes perk!) Although most of the crap stuff we bring back is from yardsales anyway! :0) Yet another reason why yardsales are so awesome...NO taxes! ;0) So its a good thing we took my truck this time instead of my moms little car (it wasnt a pretty site last time...lets just say it was F.U.L.L! ;0) The main reason we came is for Coles birthday party! He turned 4!
Here are a few pics form the partayyy!
I pretty much played the 'chase Easton around' game the whole time! This is one busy little boy!
♥ this face!
Mr. Independent!
Somebody LOVES slides!...Went down all by himself!
Carefully examining a rock...which are one of his FAVORITE things! ANYwho, the birthday party was a hit! We got cole a remote control helicopter for his birthday (which i secretly wanted for myself! :0) HA! My grandparents actually ended up coming to visit too! It was so nice to be able to spend some time with them too! Easton sure loves his great grandma and grandpa :0)
FOUR generations!!
I love my Grandma ♥
While we were there, we played 'hair' ;0)...
and 'doctor' ;0)
and played with Cole's cool toys
AND Uncle Billy took Easton on his first quad ride! :0)
Cole sure knows how to ride his quad!
Pretty impressive for a 4 year old!
While we were there, Billy shot a deer! Cole and i decded to go with him and take a look at it!
We ended up getting a little more than we bargained for!! He decided to 'clean' the deer right there...I took some pictures of the gore/nastiness involved in cleaning a deer but i decided to spare you....youre welcome ;0) We had such a good time there and it was so sad to leave (although Easton and i did miss a certain someone back home ;0) Matt is such a good sport for letting us 'abandon' him like that! ♥ (random cute pic of E ;0)
Im so lucky to have such an awesome family to create memories with! ♥
I told them to give their best 'creeper' face and this is what i got ;0) HAHA!