My little Koala Bear

I cant stand it...Easton is just TOO CUTE! He will be 6 months old on the 25th (can you believe it!?) SOOO i did a little photoshoot of my handsome little man in the koala hat i made him...I recently taught myself how to crochet and am addicted! His nickname these days has been Koala Bear or Koalawalla :0) Does anyone else have a million nicknames for their kid/kids?...Eastons nickname changes all.the.time ;0) Anywho, I just love these pics of him!...I couldnt narrow it down to just a couple pictures to post SO you get to see the many faces of Easton ;0) and if you look closely, you might catch a glimpse of his two little bottom teeth coming in ♥ Enjoy!

Man, i love this boy! ♥

Its about TIME!

I think its about time for an Easton update dont you? Its only been a couple of months (Im such a slacker! ;0) Its crazy how much a little person can change in just a couple of short months but one thing has remained the same... Easton is still the sweetest most lovable huggable baby in the whole world! :0)

 Lets see,  At his last doctors appt (a couple months ago) he got some more shots (BOO!) and his 'stats' were off the charts...he was 98th percentile for height and 96th for weight...hes my little linebacker ;0)  Easton also started eating solids a couple of months ago...he would just STARE at me while i ate so i thought id give it a try...and i must say, he is definitely a fan of food! ;0)

 So far he LOVES sweet corn casserole, sweet potatoes, sweet peas (anything with the word SWEET in hims momma ;0) carrots, any kind of fruit and bananna oatmeal. Hes not a big fan of any meats though but i dont blame the guy...meat baby food smells a little too much like CAT FOOD to me! :0) SO about a week ago i got a good look at Eastons bottom gums and was shocked to see TWO TEETH had come through! It seriously must have happened overnight! Hes such a trooper! He hasnt even been super fussy about teething (knock on wood!) Lets see..we had a fun Halloween together! I decided to make him his very first Halloween costume ever and this is what i came up with.....

He was the cutest little Yoda baby ever! ;0) We spent Halloween handing out candy with some friends of ours. Good times! Here are a few random recent pictures of Easton..

Here are a few of Eastons likes:
Momma and Daddy of course ;0)
Being sung to
His hanging jumper
Going for walks with mommy
The Baby Bjorn
Being tickled
To rip the pages read with mommy
He LOVES being outside
Car rides (most of the time)
He is really good while im running errands
His Grandma(s) and Grandpa(s)
He likes it when we 'bust him out' of his crib after he wakes up
To chew on anything and everything
The kitty and enjoys getting handfulls of petting her
Being naked
Toys that light up

Here are a few of Eastons Dislikes:
He hates getting his clothes put on
Loud noises
The sun in his eyes
being tired
being hungry

Here are a few Easton Qwirks:
He doenst like to have a blanket on him..he just kicks them off
He is super squirmy..i call him 'sqirm-a worm' :0)
He isnt super smiley to people he doesnt know..and usually has a serious look on his face :0)
He is very observant and likes to examine everything

Easton is almost 6 MONTHS OLD! Can you believe it?! We love our sweet/perfect little boy! ♥
The End