Pimp my BiKe

So we bought these Schwin beach cruisers a while back..theyre cool and all BUT they look exactly the same and i decided that i wanted mine to be a little different..SO for the past few days Matt and i have been trying to "pimp my bike"..haha yeah, i know...were dorks! I decided to paint the frame bright blue..i must admit that matt has done most of the painting BUT the pink hearts are ALL ME :0)

And heres Matt sprayin' away...

Were almost finished but paint takes a long time to dry unfortunately :0/ Heres a BEFORE pic of my bike and i'll post the finished result...well..when we're finished! :0)

4th of July fun!

Matt and i both love the 4th of July so we decided to make the trek to bako again to spend it with family and friends! When we travel, we always take our animals with us because we worry about them if we dont..THIS time we had to take our new addition (Lu-Lu the cat)AND Mr Weasley with us :0)

Since they get along famously we didnt think there would be a problem BUT Lu-Lu isnt as well traveled as the ferret so she was scared and proceeded to MeoWWW loudly the whole way down there..It got on our nerves quite a bit but it gave us practice for when we'll have a screaming child in the car with us on our trips..which wont be for quite some time i assure you ;0)
We got into town at 4am and went straight to bed.The next day was spent with family and i got to meet Matts Aunt and cousin..very nice people :0) We also gave Daddy Gates the fly-fishing pole we got him and taught him how to tie a fly on the line and cast ..with some practice he'll be catchin' fish in no time :0)

Matts cousins lived in Thailand for a long time so later that day, we decided to go eat at a Thai restaurant..yummy :0)
The next day was the 4th and we had so much fun at Grandma and Grandpa Richards BBQ! Its been a tradition in our family for years and we had so much fun swimming, eating, and catching up with family and cousins from out of town. Grandma and Grandpa made their famous homemade icecreamn too!..another tradition i enjoy ;0)
Its so fun watching my neices get bigger and bigger every time i come to visit :0) Taras baby Paige was just learning how to crawl when i saw her last and now she is already walking!!! Its crazy how fast they grow and how they develop the cutest little personalities :0)

After the BBQ, Me and the hubby went to Dave and Lindsey Buntings casa to hang out with friends and watch the BC fireworks! We had fun catching up with our awesome friends! Jimmy and i had a sparkler duel! I was victorious and walked away with only one battle scar :0) lol

We were so tired by the time the day was over and we werent looking forward to the long drive home the next day. We crashed around 2am and didnt wake up til 11am the next day! Then we met our friends at the famous Caesars Deli and had some lunch..Were lucky to have such cool friends :0)

For the rest of the day, we spent some time with our families and finally said our goodbyes around 6:00. I wish Matt and i lived closer to everyone..its so nice to be around family and friends :0)

The drive home went okay..the cat did a little better and the weasle just slept on our laps as usual..hes such a good weasle! :0) We got home around 2:30am and our new fishing poles that we ordered were waiting for us at our doorstep!! They are really nice and were excited to try them out! We both have this Wednesday off SOOO you just might hear another fishing story next ;0)