My very first feature ever is on an awesome blog called Better After. I was so stoked to see my front room re-do on there!! I couldnt help but do a little happy dance :0) Check out the post by clicking on her button...and check out all of the other awesome re-dos on the site!

No Touchie!

Raise your hand if you think its weird when strangers come up to you and touch your belly (while pregnant) or your new little baby?! Its one thing when people you know do it (doesnt bother me at all!) but when some smelly random person at Walmart comes up to you to cop a feel of your baby bump thats a different story! What are people thinking..who does that?! I can only imagine how it feels for strange people to bombard your new little baby! The thought of it makes me cringe! I just found this on one of the awesome sites that i frequent..and ive got to make me one of these babies!

..And she calls it the 'The Greeter Deterrent.' Hilarious! :0) Check out the tutorial HERE...and make me one while youre at it ;0) jk

My Lucky Day

Ive been in love with this crib set for a while now...
..the only problem is...Target stopped selling this particular set (just my luck.) So consequently, ive been looking for similar fabric to make my own crib set but havent found quite what i wanted yet...Today as i was browsing a local thrift store..i saw it. The crib bumber of my dreams!...for THREE DOLLARS!! I almost did the happy dance right there in the store..the funny thing is, there was a lady looking at it so i had to give her the stink eye so she would leave it alone!..Im just kidding...kind of ;0) Anywho, i just had to share! I still plan on making a solid yellow or red crib skirt to match the bumper..its on my neverending to-do list :0) I hope you are having a fabulous day ♥

I Heart Vintage Fans

So lately ive been going to estate/yard sales and getting some RAD stuff or as my husband would call it...JUNK ;0) Yesterday at a yard sale i scored some awesome junk! I got this super old fan that was really rusty and dirty for $3 and i also got this rad vintage lamp for..get this...FREE!!
It was really dirty/nasty but has lots of potential :0) Ive already re-finished the cool vintage fan..check out the befores and afters on this baby ;0)
..not bad for $3.. I already had the spray paint on hand so this project was super cheap! Surprisingly, the fan still works great too which will come in handy pretty soon...its starting to warm up quite a bit here in Paradise!

Im linking this project here:

K9 Adventures!

So The other day, Matt went to help out with an Oroville K9 Unit demonstration at an elementary school..when i say 'help out' i mean he volunteered to wear this..

..and do this..
Its called being an 'agitator.' Hes done it before and it was fun to actually see him do it this time :0) I must admit that i was a little nervous at first though..those dogs mean business! The kids loved it!..it was fun listening to the presentation. Officer Sanzone did a good job explaining the K9 Unit to all of them :0)
..Meet Bosco..hes been an OPD K9 for a few years now.. Sanzone is his partner :0)
Meet Z-bo..Hes the newbie..hes been an OPD K9 for 5-6 months i think...Dave is his partner :0)
Anywho, im glad that Matt works with such a good group of officers and it comforts me to know that these dogs have his back as well ;0) In other news...im getting HUGE..not cute-huge either..im starting to resemble this guy! ;0)

I cant believe i only have a month or less left and i will be a mommy! We are so looking forward to it! Well...not the delivery part but the having our baby boy to take care of part ;0) I havent taken a lamaze class yet (im a slacker) and dont think i will...im just gunna wing it ;0) I will try to keep you posted!

Front Room Before and After!

So life has been pretty crazy over here but thats just how i like it ;0) We just recently got new carpet installed in our house (by recently i mean a couple days ago ;0) which is great considering how nasty/frightening the old stuff was! The front room was all tile...that looked like cheap bathroom tile.Nice. So we my husband and his dad had fun ripping all of that out for the carpet! Thanks guys! Anywho, so you get the full experience i will show you a few before and after pics ;0) These first ones are how we 'inherited' the front room..warning: these might hurt your eyes a little! ;0)
This is what it looks like NOW...after we removed wallpaper, painted the walls and the fireplace, built a mantel and got new carpet! The room isnt completely finished yet (almost) but its lookin a little better than it did ;0)
What do you think?! We also tiled a little 5ft by 7ft entryway by the front door. It was my first attempt at tiling and i love how it turned out! Matt and i layed the tiles and i grouted it all by myself while he was at work! I will just show you a few close ups of the tile...you can see the whole thing after we get new baseboards..cause the picture will look better ;0)
Matt and i enjoy fixing up our place..we like to call it 'sweat equity.'

Crafty...the new Nesting!

Ive been nesting crafting alot lately...i dont think you can call it nesting b/c nesting usually means cleaning and my house is still a mess! At least its a crafty mess ;0) I saw this cute nest idea here and decided to give it a go myself :0) Heres the finished result...

(Dont you just love nests?!) Instead of using a plaque and premade nests like she did on the tutorial , i spray painted/distressed an old frame i had lying around and made my own nest out of moss! I used burlap as the backing, hot glued my nest on it at glued in some cute little blue robin eggs i found super cheap at Michaels :0) End result, a cute little decoration!

The other day, i stumbled accross these darling wreaths on someones Etsy shop! I think i will attempt to make one soon!

Arent they fabulous?? Wish me luck ♥

Hoppy Easter!

We wish you all a Happy Easter! ♥