Rusty Dog

A couple of days ago, we lost a dear member of our family. Rusty Dog had a stroke and had to be put down. Rusty wasn't just my parents dog...he was my dog. Weve been on many adventures together. Rusty dog was there when i was minus a fishing buddy..He was there when i needed a friend..He was there when i needed a shoulder to cry on..He was a good sport when i wanted to play 'dress up'..He was so patient with all the kids..He was always happy to see our faces and most of all..he was a part of our family. I will miss my Rusty dog.

I love you Rusty Dog.

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Not a whole lot going on here these days...We have just been house hunting for the past month or so. We are pre-approved and have all of our ducks in a all we have to do is find 'the house' which seems to be taking FOREVA!!! Ive been working for The Cutest Blog on The Block as one of their designers for a while now..its way fun and i get to make a lil extra dough on the side ;0) Speaking of blog design..ive just designed a BUNCH of free 3-column templates w/CUTE backgrounds!If you want to download one, go to my site and click on 'Templates' to find one you like! Let me know what you think :0)


I know...SO lately Matt and i have been very busy with work and life in general. We are looking to buy our first home which is SO exciting and stressful at the same time! Hopefully well find an awesome casa by the end of this summer...thats my goal :0) My mom came to visit us last week which was lots of fun! We did some exploring..

and enjoyed our time together ♥

Matt has been working alot!...heres what my hard-workin man looks like when he finally comes home :0)

I wish i had something exciting to say about Easter this year..however we didnt do anything really...i hid some candy and DVDs in the living room for Matt before he went to work and thats about it.Fun stuff! SO thats about it for now..OH and we went fishing the other day and i caught my first fish(s) of the year :0) Now THAT was fun!

Dont sure i will have plenty of fish stories for you this summer! ;0) Well, i hope everyone had a Hoppy Easter! xoxo