We Got One!

She is a 1965 vintage Alladin travel trailer and we have big plans for her...BIG.plans. Stay tuned for more info and pics!

Call Me Crazy!

 Call me crazy but i would LOVE to get my hands on something like this....

...and turn it into something like this!

Arent they fabulous?!

SO originally we wanted a tent trailer for camping purposes but i've we've fallen in love with these babies! I think one would be perfect for our little family and easy enough to cart around on our many adventures ♥ Now im on the hunt for a fabulous little vintage travel trailer! Wish me luck ;0)

Lions and Tigers and BEARS!

SO last week Matt brought this home from work...
They got a call at 2am that a giant snake was loose and on someones driveway so they went and picked it up...the S.P.C.A wasnt open that late so Matt 'volunteered' to keep it until they found a place for it (Oh, goodie ;0)...a week and a rat later (feeding the snake was so sad!) we found a new home for Mr. Snake...He now lives HERE. After we dropped off the snake we took a look around the Wildlife Center and it was AWESOME! They had Lions, Tigers, Leopards, Jaguars, Cougars (WAY more other cool animals) AND......this little cutie! ;0)
Her name is Maddie and i amlost died when they let me go in and feed her!! Must be my lucky day ;0)

Recent Randomness

Hello everyone! I just wanted to let you know that i am still alive! :0) Little Easton (a.k.a. 'the boss') has been keeping me busy and entertained! He is getting SO BIG..he weighs a little more than 15lbs now and is 7weeks old! OH, and he is officially SMILING!!!! It is the most wonderful thing in the world to see my little boy smiling at me! Right now, he doesnt do it very often (ya gotta work for that smile) but i cant wait for him to be smiling all the time! :0) Here are some recent random pics of our cute little dude ♥
 He is starting to get used to bath time...and hes already almost too big for his plastic baby tub!
...Takin a nap with daddy ;0)
He got to see his Aunt Tanya again and meet his Uncle Billy and Cousin Cole the other day! They were on their way home to Oregon and stayed with us for a night! It was SO FUN to see them and it was great having extra hands to hold Easton ;0) We miss youguys!
Cole giving his little cousin a kiss...so precious ♥

Easton loves to be outside so ive been trying to go for a walk with him everyday (once in the morning and once in the evening) Im trying to get rid of this spare tire pregnancy was so kind to leave behind and Easton loves his walks!..Its a win win situation ;0) Ive also been using my precious spare time to figure out my sewing machine! Here are a couple projects that ive done :0)
I made this cute little tie onesie for him and he looked so handsome at church (last week was the first time i was brave enough to take him and he did awesome!)
I kept seeing this cute little monster stuffed animal around blogland and i thought it was way cute..so i decided to make him!
 After i made him, i was worried that he would scare my little guy, but that wasnt the case at all...its official, Easton has a new friend... and his name is Domo ;0)
 I will try to update my blog more often because i really want to document how my little man is developing! I always notice that when people have babies or kids, they tend to totally take over their blog...it becomes all about them and folks, it looks like that is going to be the case for me...because life IS all about Easton ;0)

Adventures with Easton!

I cant believe our little man is amost a month and a half old! He is gaining about a pound a week (he almost weighs 14lbs) and hes getting so big! It makes me sad and excited at the same time! He is growing so fast, ive been trying to take lots of pictures of him so i can remember how little he is! Here are a few recent random pics of  Easton :0)
 We went on our first couple of adventures with Easton recently...we went up to lake Almanor a couple of times to go fishing and do some much needed relaxing..here are some pix from the trips ♥
Sorry there wasnt a whole lot of writing in this post..its just a whole lot faster to tell a story with pictures these days (note: im using the precious few minutes i get while Easton is napping (finally) to blog, instead of clean, shower, eat etc.. ;0) I will leave you with a cute and very true quote ... "Moms with boys work from Son up to Son down."