Our Little Get Away

The other day, Matt and i decided to get away.We packed up our fishing poles, camping gear and Daisy dog and hit the road. We decided to head up to Nevada City and Grass Valley to fish the Yuba river because we had never been there before. The original plan was to find a campground and stay there for the night, however we weren't anticipating SNOW so we decided to stay at a hotel in Nevada City :)

Its charming little town in the mountains!

We went fishing here but didnt have any luck.

Its still a little early in the season and the water was really high due to snowmelt, but we still had fun hiking and relaxing. It was a beautiful day! We found a cool park by the river. We played on the rope swing...

..played fetch with Daisy Dog...

..and I caught some Salamanders!!!

All in all it was a nice little trip. The only downside was that apparently there was an abundance of THESE where we went fishing...

We found a bunch on Daisy dog and even Matt was lucky enough to get one! Just the sight of them made my skin crawl and immediately i thought that they are ALL OVER ME! In my clothes, hair etc..luckily i was tick free :) Although that was rather gross, it was a small price to pay for such a lovely little get away ;)

Job Update

Matt is doing GREAT at the department and loves what he does! He even made his FIRST newspaper appearance while on duty...i guess cops make the news alot? ;)

In this picture my husband was directing traffic while this scumbag was being arrested by his fellow officers for felony hit and run. Exciting stuff huh? :) Matt is currently working three 12 hour shifts and gets 4 days off in a row....sometimes. Hes been having to work some over time lately for training on some of his days off, but he usually gets a nice break that i am quite envious of ;) I love hearing about his daily activities when i get home! Keep up the good work Matt! ♥

Blog Backgrounds up for Grabs!

Hey :) Ive been creating lots of cute blog backgrounds lately so if you're sick of your background...use one of mine! :) Heres the link to my template blog.

Enjoy ♥