...Worth Celebrating

My gorgeous mother..

This is an oldie of my mom and i ♥

This Mothers Day has more meaning for me than ever before.....i will be a mother soon! I was kinda hoping that Easton would want to come out ON Mothers Day {wouldnt that be awesome!?} but i wont hold my breath ;0) Funny memory: Growing up, at church on Mothers Day, all of the moms got to stand up after Sacrament Meeting and the kids would pass out a flower to each of them...i remember thinking to myself '...I cant wait until im a mom and i get a flower too!' I have the best mom though..i would steal she would always end up giving me her flower anyway {thanks for putting up with me!} Anywho, I love my Mother and cant wait to be one myself soon! Im so blessed to have a wonderful Mother and Mother-in-law to get advice from ;0) Happy Mothers Day everyone! {The pic below is of my Mother-in-law with Matt (my hubby) and Andrew.. Matt is kissing his new little brother...precious!}

I am Full Term!

Our stroller and carseat were still untouched in their boxes the other day so we decided to assemble them. After they were assembled we attempted to figure out exactly how to use them..we started fumbling around with the straps, handles and plastic buttons trying to figure out how to actually use the stuff... Funny conversation went something like this:

Me: 'We should find something to use as a baby in the carseat for practice!'
Matt: 'yeah, thats a good idea.''
(we pause trying to think of something that would work)
Matt: 'dont you have any dolls?'
Me: 'uhhh.....no.'
Matt: ' but youre a girl '
Me: 'yeah..and im also not five!'

I just thought that was kinda funny...apparently all girls should own a doll regardless of their age ;0) Heres the closest thing i could find:

NOW were ready ;0) jk

SO i am officially full term now..which means i could have Easton anytime and it would be fine...its so crazy to think about. I will be a mom in 3 weeks or less! Its so close and I still cant quite wrap my head around it! I havent gotten the crazy cleaning bug like i was hoping i would but Ive been 'nesting' my own way! I have been going to yard/estate sales like crazy and doing lots of crafts and projects which is the opposite of nesting because im actually making my house messier! ;0) Its like i know i wont have much time to do these things once Easton is here so ive been keeping very busy! I still need to pack for the hospital...what am i supposed to bring besides clothes for me and Easton, and a camera OH and my husband? ;0) Is there something that i should bring that isnt the obvious? I am definitely ready to get this little guy out..i do realize that the easy part was carrying the baby..the hard part will getting the little guy OUT..and i must admit that im just a little frightened! My doc said that if Easton is too big (which he might be) then i will have to do a C-section..ive heard some horror stories so if youve had a Csection and it wasnt that bad, let me know ;0)