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So, im slightly obsessed with obsessed that ive started my own craft blog!...So check it out if youre feelin crafty! ;0)

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Hey guys! Do you have a room or two in your house that is just plain ugly and you draw a blank every time you try to figure out how to fix it up? I do. Thats why i decided to enter my two UGLIEST rooms into a contest for a chance to fix it up on True Value's dime! Score! Im actually kind of embarrased to show everyone these rooms but id appreciate your support!..SOOO if you get a chance, just click on the button below and CHECK IT OUT! :0) Thanks a million! I hope everyone is having a fabulous day! :0)


This last week we were able to spend some time in lovely Bakersfield with our amazing families! Matts parents came up to Paradise for a visit and Easton i went back with poor hubby had to work and it was weird being away from him for a whole week! We missed him, however, it was nice to be able to spend another week there with the fam! It was fun introducing Easton our everyone for the first time! Here are some pics of Easton with some of his new friends ♥
Easton also got to meet his little cousin Dariyan for the first time! They are only 5 days apart! I have a feeling that they are going to be best buddies one day :0)
While i was there, i was sick pretty much the whole time!...i know, lame right?! I had the flu one day and then a breast infection from breastfeeding the next day! (sorry if thats TMI :0) My temp was 101.5 and i was in PAIN! Thank you everyone for helping me with Easton while i was sick! Good thing my mommy was there to take care of me ;0) The good news is that i got better just in time for Eastons blessing day! Matt drove down Sunday a.m. (poor baby) and he blessed him in his ward. Easton and his cousin Dariyan were blessed on the same day so that was really neat! I was nervous that Easton would cry the whole time but he was perfect! I didnt hear a peep out of him! Matt gave him such a beautiful lucky i am to have such a sweet husband and baby boy! It had been freakishly hot the whole week before..but it was a beautiful day on Sunday (only 80 degrees) just for Easton :0) Here are a few pictures after the blessing..
We were originally going to bless Easton in the blessing outfit his daddy wore..but..our little chunk was too big for it SO i found this adorable little outfit has a little vest and bow tie..SO CUTE! ♥
After church, the whole family came over for a yummy dinner! It was so great to spend time with everyone!
While we were in Bakersfield it got up to 112 degrees outside! It literally felt like an oven outside! So naturally, we did a LOT of this...
Easton had his first swimming experience..he really likes the water! It is so fun watch our little boy experience everything for the first time ♥
I also got a chance to have fun with the waterproof camera that i bought a while worked great! :0)
Matt has been itching to go rafting so while we were there, we made a date out of it ;0)
My cute hubby on the bus...
and with a crazy woman his wife ;0)
speaking of crazy ladies...he made me take this picture...
so i could get a pic of this lady.....and her GINORMOUS goggles! HA HAH 'awesome!'
There was alot of water in the river still which meant lots of rapids which meant lots of FUN! During the slow parts, we went swimming! The water felt great!
We had a great time and made it back in one piece ;0) And we cant come to Bakersfield without visiting my favorite ice cream shop!
i LOOOVE Rosemarys and always get the giant banana split...and yes, i eat the whole thing! ;0) YUM
Also, another must when i visit is a puzzle..we love puzzles in our family! :0)
 dorks! ♥
..and heres Easton chillin on the cute little quilt my Grandma Bigelow made for him ♥ Its made out of vintage fabric and is adorable!
We had a great time visiting some of our favorite people!..I only wish they lived closer! Y'all are more than welcome to come visit us if you ever feel like taking a trip up to Paradise ;0) We love youguys!