Look Who's THREE!!!

On May 25th my sweet Easton turned 3! We decided to have a combined party with his cousin Dariyan who was born only days after Easton (they are best buddies! :0) I chose to do a woodland theme which i thought was fitting b/c we live in the mountains and Easton is obsessed with animals! Here is the bday invite i designed for them:
Here are some pics of the birthday 'spread' :0)
I made the cupcake stand myself (Me+chainsaw=scary! ;0) and the cupcakes were supposed to look like mushrooms :0)
We sang Happy Birthday to the boys (who loved every minute of it!) and they each blew out 3 candles on the 'stump' cake that Yana (my SIL) made :0)
Then the passed out cupcakes to all of their little guests before they ate their cupcakes (so sweet! :0)
Im pretty sure Everett loved his first cupcake ever :0)
After we ate cupcakes the boys opened their presents :0)
Then all the kids ran around/played in the back yard!...Tea party, anyone? ;0)
I had no idea that the chickens would be such a big hit! Luckily they all survived! ;0)
It was such a great day to have a birthday :0) My little man isnt so little anymore and is turning in to the sweetest little MAN! I just love him!
Me n' my boys :0)
Little party animal (who loves his big brother more than anything!)
Here are the favors we gave out to the little guests :0)
What a fun day with great people and two fantastic little 3 year olds! xoxo