Adventures in SAC

Matt had training for a few days in Sacramento SO Easton and I decided to crash the party tag along :0) His hotel room was nice but super tiny and lets just say that Easton had a rough night that first night..which translates to NO sleep for anyone! (sorry Matt! ;0) The next morning as i was getting ready in the bathroom, i felt a little water dripping on me, THEN the water started DUMPING from the ceiling!! (picture a waterfall ;0) So i called the people at the front desk and told them about the little problem...It turns out that the water pipes busted in the ceiling so they had to move us to another room...I was expecting the same little room BUT we got HOOKED UP! It had two rooms, two big TVs a kitchen and a bigger bathroom! I was in heaven! Now Easton had plenty of room to run around and his own room to scream sleep in ;0) JK he did really well after the first night! SO while Matt was in his interrogation class, Easton and i played in Sacramento! The first stop was the ZOO! Taking Easton there was so fun and insane at the same time! Picture me chasing Easton around while pushing an empty stroller trying to take pictures of the animals! Not pretty! He had a blast though and thought the animals were super cool! Here are some pics!
'Get a ROOM!' (they were actually fighting ;0)
'What are YOU lookin' at?'
This was the highlight of Eastons 50 cents ive ever spent ;0)
So the zoo was a success! Matt got out of his class everyday around 5 so we went out to dinner a few times (BJs being the highlight) and i drug Easton to Ikea a couple of times...cant resist that place! It was fun to get out of the house for a few days (im seriously a hermit!) and do something fun and out of the ordinary!