The Great Outdoors

Matt and i had a couple days off and decided to go camping!..big suprise :0) It was so much fun! We went camping at Alder Campground in Lassen National Forest and it was beautiful there! We had a campfire that night and cooked hotdogs and popped popcorn on the fire :0)We used a tent this time (thanks mom and dad gates :0) and we slept way better than we did on our last camp trip..on a picnic table 'under the stars'..comfortable?..not so much!:0) I did, however, manage to get a HUGE spider on my face again!! which is starting to become a common occurence when we go camping..In the morning we woke up early and started fishinnn!! The river was beautiful and the water was perfect! We were out there for hours and i managed to catch about 10 fish and got a sunburn while i was at it..another big suprise :0)

It was nice to relax together and enjoy the great outdoors.After a while we hiked back to camp and cleaned everything up (my least favorite part)

THEN we decided to drive a little further up the road to Lake Almanor. We decided to go there because i was told by a fellow fly-fisherman that there is something called a 'Hex hatch' every summer that lasts from june to the end of july..a Hex is a kind of bug that hatches underwater. The guy told me to go down there at dusk and ill be sure to catch we did...and Matt had a huge sucker on his line but his line broke! So were gunna go back later this week :0) Matt and i decided that we really like Northern Cal..the mountains are gorgeous and SO close and convenient..did i mention that while we were fishing at the lake an EAGLE flew right by us with a fish in his claws!That was the first time i had ever seen one in the wild.It was SO COOL! ..and do you ever see that in SO-Cal..i think not!

Matts Birfday :0)

My handsome hubby turned the BIG 2-5 on june 6th..we both had that day off so we got to celebrate all day together :0) Im so lucky to be with such an amaizing man! I love you matt!