3 Years

hree years ago, today...i married my best friend.

What a lucky girl i am to have such a wonderful husband who puts up with me loves me so much ;0) ♥ I look forward to a lifetime with my favorite person!
I love you Matt.
Happy Anniversary

White OR black?

SO, i am having a difficult time deciding on what color nursery furniture to get...we just painted the nursery a nice gender neutral aqua blue color and im not sure if i want to get white furniture or black furniture?! So a little help and suggestions here would be much appreciated! ;0)

I like white because our nursery is small and i think white furniture would make the room seem a little bigger however i also wonder if white stuff would get dirty super fast and be a pain to clean all.the.time. I am also a fan of classic black. I think it looks good and might be easier to keep clean as well but i dont want it to make the room seem smaller...which it may or may not do..anyways, if you have some imput on the subject i would love to hear it :0)

Baby Update!

SO i am a little over 3 months now and im feeling pretty good. Im officially past the first trimester and I think ive been pretty lucky with my pregnancy so far because im not sick all the time..i get sick sometimes but not enough to slow me down....that much anyway ;0) However, I must admit that while pregnant, its harder to find the energy or motivation to tackle the home improvement projects that need to be done around here..i guess Matt will have to do all the work ;0) jk So the doc said that i will be able to find out if we are having a boy or girl in a couple of weeks...we are SUPER excited about that! Alot of people keep telling me that 'you should wait and let it be a surprise' but.....wheres the fun in that?! It would be more like torture! Patience is definitely not one of my virtues :0) What do YOU think i will have? ;0) Anywho, i know we dont know what we are having yet, but ive been dying to start on the nursrey!!! I have found quite a few cute ideas online but cant quite decide...i might just combine a bunch of these cute ideas into one room :0)

Tell me which ideas you liked the best! ♥

An Early Thanksgiving ♥

My family came up for a quick visit and it was a delight having them here! We did a few fun things while they were up here but most of our time was spent just relaxing and spending some quality time together :0) Here we are at the park down the street. This is my bro Andrew and his wife Yana..im glad they got to come up and see us too!

Here we are playin some B-ball! Skillz people..skillz ;0)

We gave them the tour de Paradise and went to Paradise Lake where we had an intense rock-skipping contest ;0) Heres my hubby and his wonderful parentals!

Since Matt will be working on Thanksgiving and we had family in town we decided to have Thanksgiving early this year! I didnt take a whole lot of pictures of the food prepping adventures but heres Matt with the bird (not cooked yet)..yummayyyy :0)

While we waited for dinner to cook, we taught the fam how to play Bocce ball in our front yard..because you are not cool until you learn how to play Bocce ;0)

Battle of the brothers :0)

After our game we had our Thanksgiving dinner together..and it was scrumptious!!

It was so fun to spend time with our family..i hope they had as good a time as we did! Thanks for coming up guys, we love you and miss you already! Come back soon :0) SO...my rule has always been to start decorating for Christmas after Thanksgiving...and since we had ours early............ ;0)

Halloween Fun!

So, i had to work on Halloween unfortunately however i didnt let it ruin my day and of course i dressed up! ;0)

..every good witch needs a cat sidekick ;0)

...it was easy and semi-comfortable costume for work. (The heels lasted for approximately two haircuts..good thing i brought some comfy shoes just in case ;0) My awesome husband brought me lunch at work and bought a good scary movie for us to watch that night...The Decent.

Dont be fooled by the nasty cover...this movie is by far the SCARIEST movie ive seen in a LONG time! I DARE anyone who is brave enough to rent this movie and watch it! I am 100% sure it would scare.you.to.death!

In fact...i double dare ya!