Better Late Than Never!

SO Im finally posting about our Christmas! I look forward to Christmas every year because its a special time i get to share with  family ♥ This year was exceptionally awesome because not only was it sweet little Easton's very FIRST Christmas..our whole family was in town!! All of my siblings and grandparents! I absolutely LOVED spending time with everyone! It was pretty crazy and hectic but i wouldnt have it any other way! ;0) While we were there we took some family pictures!...♥
We spent Christmas Eve at my parents house where we had the traditional dinner and 'program' afterwards..The 'program' usually consists of a few skits and songs and a reenactment of the nativity followed by the 'Santa Letter' which  talks about the progress/updates of each kid in the family :0) We opened some presents that night..i was SO BUSY with presents this year! I desided to make most of the presents i gave and since i just took up crocheting i made owl hats for my neices and nephews...all NINE of them!! I was seriously a sweat shop all December getting those done! They are super cute though and im so glad they liked them :0) Heres just a few..
Heres an owl hat i made for Easton..He looks SO CUTE in them! ♥

On Christmas morning we opened more presents at my parents house and went over to Matt's parents house to spend some time there! A perk about being married is that you get TWO Christmases ;0) Easton and his little cousin Dariyan love hanging out together! Its the cutest thing!..They are only a week apart and i can tell they are going to be the best of friends growing up ;0) Here is some cuteness of the two of them ♥
Little Easton had a BLAST opening presents...he was WAY more interested in playing with/eating the wrapping paper than he was in the actual presents but it was so fun to watch him!
Here he is with his big 'Santa present.'
We Santa got him a walker...he is getting so good at it too! He likes to cruise ALL OVER our kitchen in his new ride ;0)..the boys got skillz!
We spent the rest of the day relaxing and chit chatting. The next day, it was time for us to hit the road. I feel like our visits with the family are NEVER long enough! It would be so nice to see everyone more often but well take what we can get! I love my family so much and am excited for Easton to get to know them well :0) Easton update! He is almost 8 months old now and has the cutest little personality! He rolls around like crazy and is on the verge of crawling..SCARY! He is so big! He is wearing 12 month clothes! When i come to get him out of his crib, this is what i see..
He strains to sit up as far as he can go and peeks at me over the side of his crib!...its the funniest/cutest thing ever! Makes me smile every time :0)
He gets so excited when we come to 'bust him out' of his crib! ;0) He has been eating solid food for quite a while now and always wants what were having! He makes all kinds of sounds and i must document that he said 'momma' first! ;0) He says 'dadadada' now too..i doubt he knows what they mean yet but its so cute to hear him say it anyway! He just started giving me kisses too! (Which i totally need to get on video!) I will make kissing sounds next to his face and he'll lean in and give me a sloppy little Easton kiss! It totally melts my heart! I cant tell you how much i love this boy ♥
For the past couple of weeks, our poor little man has been sick...we ALL have! My sisters kids gave us the gift that keeps on giving for Christmas...a.k.a. the PLAGUE! ;0) He is finally getting better but weve had many sleepless nights with our little guy lately. He is definitely not enjoying his first experience of being sick...i dont blame the guy! Anywho, we are all starting to get better and looking less and less like zombies..which is bueno ;0) OH, and i just turned 25 on the 8th..a quarter of a century old!!! Anywho, i hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year and if you didnt get a Christmas Card from us, this is what it looked like!
And here are some recent pictures weve taken of our little family ♥


SO ive been a total slacker...and before i can post about Christmas i must catch up! My mom came up for a visit (in October!) and we went to Oregon together to visit my sister Tanya! Since this is my journal i dont want to leave this out because it was so much fun! I have the coolest family ever and my sister is no exception! There are always good times to be had when we are together ;0) Here is Easton with his cousin Cole ♥

We had so much fun spending time with Tanya and her little family :0) We put a few puzzles together..went on a few yard-saleing adventures ;0) Had a TON of laughs and just enjoyed the company :0) Here we are at Red Robin after a long day of yard-saling...Easton was such a trooper ;0)

While i was there, their fishing guide friend Bob invited them to go Salmon fishing with him...and they let me tag along! It was SO fun! We got up at the butt crack of dawn and met Bob at the river around 6am. I was the first to catch a fish! It was a biggin' and the first Salmon that ive ever caught! ;0)

These fish are so strong and fun to real in! I was a little reluctant to put my hand in its mouth to hold it for the picture considering that they have TEETH!...BIG ones!! We fished pretty much all day (until 5-6pm) and my mom was nice enough to watch Easton and my sister's little guy, Cole. Thanks mom! :0) Here are some more pics from the fishing trip..
The Crew ;0)
Seeesters ♥
Bob :0)
The river
I have to say the trip was a success...we each caught at least one fish! Good times!
FUNNY STORY: When we were done, the boys pulled the boat up to the shore, took out the fish and started cleaning them. While they were doing this, Tanya and i were in the boat cleaning it up for Bob. As we were 'swabbing the decks' we were unaware that the boat had gotten loose from the shore and had started drifting away! I looked up and we were floating down the river!!..Which would be no big deal..if one of us knew how to work the BOAT! The guys were on shore yelling confusing instructions how to start the motor and we couldnt figure it out (mind you we were drifting further and further away, towards the ocean!) My sis started to panic so her hubby stripped down and jumped in after his underwear! Note: the water was freezing! He got about half way to us and couldnt go any further because we were drifting away too quickly for him to catch sister was freaking out and gave up on trying to get the boat going so i stepped in and gave it a go (note: i have NO boating experience whatsoever!) But i managed to start the huge motor and steer the boat towards Billy who was freezing in the water! We pulled him in/threw a jacket on him and he took us to shore! SO crazy! It was a little scary at the time but makes a good story now..and hey, all is well that ends well! ;0)
The next day was Coles (pirate themed) 3rd birthday party. We had fun making shirts for the occasion :0)

Gotta love my little pirate baby! ;0)  We had to go home after the party but we had a good visit! Thanks for letting us invade your house Tanya and Billy! We love you!! ♥