A first

This is Matts first Fathers Day. It has been so neat watching Matt turn in to the sweetest father to our little Easton. Our little boy is so lucky to have a such an amazing and loving daddy! Happy Fathers Day my love!

Also, id like to wish my awesome Father and Father-in-law a Happy Day as well.
I love youguys!!


So im aware that ive been MIA for a while now...but in my defense, Im lucky to find the time to shower and eat these days let alone blog ;0) I am officially a mommy now and have been adjusting to all of the new responsibilities that come with being a new mom! Let me first tell you, its A LOT of hard work but very worth it! My little Easton (a.k.a the love of my life ;0) was born May 25, 2010 at 3am. He weighed 8 lbs and was 21 1/2 inches long! I love spending my days with this adorable little baby..who wouldnt?!  Heres the story leading up to Eastons birth:
So my mom came up to visit/wait for Easton to make his grand debut.. we didnt know that he was planning on being a little late (he gets that from his mommy ;0) and my poor mom had to put up with me for a whole week before he was born! I was a crazy, impatient, emotional pregnant lady, mind you ;0) We had fun together though and passed the time going to garage/estate sales, putting puzzles together (yes, were dorks) and just hanging out! We did go hiking a couple of times and fishing a few days before i had little Easton (we were trying to get him to come out, with no luck!) Here are a few pre-Easton pics while my mom was here:
Alright SO my due date (May 23rd) had come and gone and still no Easton! On the 24th (Monday) at 7am, my doc had me check into the hospital for a procedure that would get me ready for labor because i wasnt really dilated at all yet and the doc wanted to get things moving because he thought the baby might be big and didnt want to wait too long.(longest sentence ever ;0) I was given a Cervidil injection and had to lay in bed for 12 hours! They let me go for an hour walk every other hour or so and that kept me somewhat sane...my mom and i found a cool trail to hike down and i started having some hard contractions while we were walking! I called Matt at work and told him to come to the hospital just in case something were to happen. So he joined the party ;0) My sister Tanya (who lives 8hrs away in Oregon) wanted to be here for Eastons arrival as well so i called her that afternoon and told her to hit the road because i thought Easton might be here soon. As we waited for my 12 hours to be up, i was hooked up to a monitor that checked the babys heartbeat and my contractions. Eastons heart rate was doing some crazy things..it was all over the chart and the nurses were getting concerned. When my 12 hours were up at around 9:30 pm, my doctor came to check my progress..or come to find out the lack thereof.. i was having a ton of contractions but the medicine didnt help me dialate at all!!The Doc decided to admit me (translation: stay in the hospital until the baby comes) because he was concerned about Eastons irregular heartbeat as well and wanted to be monitor it just in case.  Its a good thing he decided to do that because around 2am, Eastons heart rate went crazy and the doc said that the baby might be in distress. So he wanted to go ahead and do a c-section on me. It was a feeling that ive never felt before, i was excited, worried and terrified all at the same time. Excited to finally get to hold my little one, worried that something might go wrong and terrified about getting my stomach cut open! My sister Tanya arrived just in time to be there for everything!
Once it was time for the surgery the whole thing happened so fast. The nurses gave Matt a sexy little number to wear..check it out ;0)
and wheeled me into the operating room. Matt wasnt in there yet and I was SO scared going into that room full of strangers with sharp instruments all by myself...it kind of felt like a scary dream to me. They gave me a shot in my back which didnt hurt that bad and i went numb almost immediately. I had a reaction from the shot and started shaking because of it..the fact that it was also freezing in there probably didnt help either ;0) They put a tarp over me so i couldnt see what was going on and started prepping me for the surgery..i was super nervous/scared..i thought they were going to start opperating before Matt could get there but he came in and i was SO relieved to see him and have him by my side! Having a C-section was the wierdest feeling ever! I was totally awake and although i couldnt feel any of the pain (thank goodness!) i could feel the pressure as they made the insicion and i could actually feel them tug Easton out of my stomache! Once he was out, we heard the doctor say '..Thats why..'  (Later we found out that the cord was wrapped around his neck) and seconds later we heard the most beautiful sound in the whole world..our little Easton crying! A wave of relief and emotion came over me as we heard and saw our new little baby! I will never forget that feeling and at that moment everything i had been through was 100% worth it! Soon after he was born, Matt and the nurse took him to our room (where my mom and sister were anxiously waiting) for him to be weighed, measured and all of that good stuff. I wasnt able to see it because i was getting stiched up and put back together but my sister Tanya videoed it all for me to watch later.. thank you Tans :0)
 So Matt and i ended up staying in the hospital until Thursday (3days) while we got used to our new little family and i recovered. My mom and siser came by everyday to entertain/keep us company and of course admire little Easton :0) When they werent hanging out with us in the hospital they were at our house making it spick and span for us when we came home..THANK YOUGUYS! I miss my cleaning fairies! ;0)
 Tanya was even kind enough to paint my toenails...which i hadent been able to reach myself for a few months ;0)
 Speaking of feet, check out these toes! He definitely has his mommys feet ;0)
 We had some good times and let me just say, you know its love when someone caries your catheter bag for you..ill leave it at that ;0) I have to say that Matt has to be the best daddy EVER! He changed 90% of the diapers while we were in the hospital and up until he went back to work (which was yesterday) and is just so sweet with little Easton! Here is Easton lifting his head already in the hospital...thats my boy! ;0)
When we took Easton home, Grandma and Grandpa Gates came up to see their first grandson..it was love at first sight ♥
Alot of time was spend fighting over holding the little man ;0) jk He is very loved ♥

 He is such a good baby and he even let me take some cute newborn pictures of him! Such a good sport already ;0) Feast your eyes on his cuteness! ♥ My super talented sister made the adorable munchkin hat for his photoshoot...shes got some mad skillz!

The girlz decided to take a few pictures too ;0)
 It was so nice having family around to share this special time with us! Our visitors left on Memorial Day and Matt had a birthday a few days later! Happy 28th birthday mi ammore! ♥ This is what i got him for his birthday this year...I made it myself ;0)
Anyways, if you cant tell, we are thrilled about our new little Son! We both would do anything for this little guy and never knew we could fall in love so quickly ♥ Thank you for all of your well wishes!