V♥lentines D♥y

For Valentines Day, Matt and i went shooting at an indoor shooting range...it was fun and VERY romantic ;) jk

Hes such a good shot!

(Note the holes on the target)

Me...on the other hand...

...not so much!

Im not used to shooting handguns but give me a 22 rifle and ill show you a thing or two! After we went shooting we looked at houses for sale all day...yes, we are planning on buying our first home in the near future! We are very excited about that!! I hope everyone had a happy Valentines Day! ♥

Meet Officer Gates!

Yesterday my Husband was sworn in as a Police Officer for the city of Oroville!

I was lucky enough to have the day off so i could attend and pin his badge on him :)

I am SO proud of my husband for all of his hard work. Its awesome to see all of that hard work finally paying off! Congrats Officer gates ♥
..Heres Matt with his Chief and Lieutenant. He fits right in ;)

I love you Matt, and am so excited for your new career. Your desire to help other people and set an example of good is wonderful to me. You are such a sweet husband and im lucky to have you ♥ Congratulations!!!

My 100th post ♫ ♥

It was so nice out today that we decided to go for a walk at Table Mountain.

Daisy dog came too...

While gallivanting in the fields she spotted something she had never seen before...


She quickly decided that the heffers looked rather bored and that she should CHASE them!!!

and chase them she DID...

Matt and i were rolling with laughter! She came sprinting back to us so proud of the 'friends' she just made! :-)

A few minutes later..Daisy dog was ready for round 2...and so were the heffers! :-)

(The Showdown)

She must be very brave or very stupid....Here we go again!!


When the heffers stopped running FROM Daisy Dog and started running AT Daisy Dog..it was time to go! She will miss her new friends..however im quite certain they will not miss HER ;-)