Memorial Day

Matt and i FINALLY got the chance to go camping! We packed up our fishing gear and the Daisy mutt and were off.First we went here...

It was really pretty and i was told that Mill Creek was a great fly-fishing spot but it seemed as though the snow run-off made Mill Creek into a MILK Creek :0)

The water was all murky so we decided to move on to a place i heard of called Battle Creek. Im glad we went there becuase it turned out to be my new favorite fishing spot! We set up our campsite and headed for the river :0) And this is what we found..

It was SO pretty and the water was perfect! I believe i caught the first fish ;0)

The reason i look so lovely is because it started raining on us! BOOO! But at least the fish were still biting :0)

As we were hiking down the river we came accross this neat old abandoned cottage..

Cool HUH? We continued to fish until it started getting dark and we headed back to camp. It started raining pretty good so we couldnt have a fire that night..sad, i know, but we got to cook our chili dogs on our handy-dandy camping stove ;0)

Heres me bumming around camp before the real rain hit!

..thank goodness our tent was waterproof!!
The next morning we woke up and made a fire Cause it was freezing! After we ate our cereal and warmed up a bit we decided to fish a little more. I must say that Daisy dog is shaping up to be quite the mountain dog..she did great! I was pleasantly surprised how well she kept up with us on our strenuous hikes over rocks and cliffs and accross the river..good girl :0)

We caught some more whoppers and i had some MONSTERS on my line that got joke! We will definately be going back soon when the weather is a little better and ill get some pictures of the monster trout that i speak of ;0) We saw the rain coming again so we made the trek back to camp and packed up. Over all i must say it was a fabulous fishing trip!

Windy Day=PLAY :0)

"Lets GO fly a KITE!"

"Up to the highest hight"

"Lets go fly a kite and send it soaring"

We had fun flying our new airplane was thrashed by the time we were done though..i was really good at getting it caught in TREES! Heres an amused onlooker :0)

We played in the wind until sunset..


Mothers Day Getaway

So Matt and i decided to make the trek down to bako for Mothers Day. We stayed for a few days and had a blast! My sister Tanya came down from Oregon with her cute baby Cole so i got to hang out with ALL of the sibs!..which doesnt happen that often :0)

Here are some pics of cute little Cole and Aunty Tenille :0)

He is such a good take one of those over our puppy any day!! ;0) Here is a pic of MY child..she had fun in bako too :0)

On Saturday we decided to go to the beach for the day.

We went to Santa Monica, Venice and Malibu where we saw dolphins! We rented bikes in Santa Monica and rode to Venice! are some pics of the fun :0)

...The leader of the pack ;0)

We shopped a little on the Venice strip and saw alot of weirdos and bums :0) Then we had a picnic on the beach and soaked up some rays. It was so nice spending quality time with the fam at the beach! Thanks for the fun time guys!

I also got to see my Niece Savannah's play while i was there! She was a starfish in the play Bedknobs and Broomsticks..she did such a good job! it was awesome :0)
(The group)

(The STAR of the show :0)

Before the play we got our grub on at Roadhouse Grill :0) We waited to get seated for an hour but its okay because the food was great and the company was even better! :0)

Thanks again youuu!
Sunday was a BUSY day! We started out with a Mothers Day breakfast at mi casa and took some family thats a good-lookin group ;0)

All of the mothers...Hey,ill be one someday! :0)

Then we all went to my sister Tara's ward to watch her and Savannah sing together in sacrament..great job by the way :0) AND my dad got a new calling..he is now the President of the Bakersfield Singles Branch!!! Which just so happens to be my old ward! So we stayed for the singles ward and watched my dad bear his testimony and get set apart..what a neat experience! He is perfect for the calling and will do many great things for the branch! Im so excited and proud of him! GO DAD!

After that Matt and i went back to his parents house to hang out and relax. We ate dinner and spent some quality time before we had to hit the road and head back to Chico. It was so fun staying with youguys..THANK YOU for everything!!! My mothers are very special to me and i love both of them with all of my heart!

..This just in.

Matt and i just bought one of these...

SO much it! :D

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