..Since summertime is fast approaching and my legs havent seen the sun since..well..who knows when..i decided to go tanning...and now..i bare a striking resemblance to one of these...

OUCH! Thank goodness for aloevera :0)
My mom stopped by to see us on her way to Oregon to see my sista. We had a good time hanging out with her..unfortunately i had to work a good portion of the time that she was here but we managed to do some fun things together...We took her to our favorite taco truck :0) good eat'n.

We had a picnic at the park...

and went on a hike :0)

It was good to have you youuu!

TAG...I'm IT :0)

Aubre tagged me with a survey..i hate these things! ;0)
Q:What where you doing 5 years ago?
Well...i was a senior at Centennial High School and i started attending beauty school about that time as well...and i probably had a couple boyfriends ;0) jk

Q:What are 5 things on your to-do list today?
1)...I really need to take a shower :0)
2) go to work and cut some hairs
3) Talk my husband into doing our taxes
4) Take Daisy dog for a walk
5) Make dinner with my hubby

Q:Name 5 snacks that you enjoy.
1) Strawberries dipped in sugar
2) salami with cream cheese and crackers
3) chips and bean dip
4) fruit snacks
5) my husband ;0)

Q:Name 3 bad habbits you have.
1) I dont like to floss
2) I have road rage
3) I let small things bother me

Q:If you were suddenly a billionaire...
Tithing first then we would QUIT our jobs!!! Matt and i would buy a nice casa and start either our own fly shop or ice cream parlor. Wed travel to Europe and see Rome and Paris. Wed buy a little beach hut in Hawaii to visit whenever we want and surf all day :0) Maybe id start up my own non-profit animal shelter. Wed find the best places in the world to fly-fish..and life would be perfect ;0)

Q:List 5 places that you have lived.
1) bakersfield
2) Chico
..i dont have five..sad huh :0)

Q:List 5 jobs that youve had.
1) Newspaper delivery girl
2) hostess
3) waitress
4) professional line dancer
5) hairstylist

...i made up # 4 :0)

Q: List 5 things people dont know about you.
1) I snore.
2) I can do the splits.
3) Im a hard core bargain shopper.
4) Speaking in public scares me to death.
5) Im a pretty good shot with a 22 rifle :0)

Now im tagging Laura, Sarah, Brittany, Tanya & Erin..have fuuun ;0)