My little weed :0)

Guess who is THREE MONTHS OLD?!
Thats right, my little man is getting so big! I have NO IDEA where these three months have gone? Its mostly just a blur of changing diapers, feeding, screaming children, snuggling etc. Oh, and just to keep it real, Everett is not a very 'easy' baby like his big brother was. He needs to be held all.the.time or he is crying!
Which would be fine if i didnt have anything else to do! I usually just carry all 15 pounds of him around in a carrier while i attempt to get things done.
Needless to say, at the end of each day! And I just have two kiddos...i dont know how people do it (while still keeping their sanity!) with 2+ kids! Craziness i tell you! :0)
But yeah, he cries alot! Its a good thing he is so darn cute ;0) He smiles and 'talks' to me all the time and it pretty much makes my day!

Burney Falls Camping Trip 2012

SO Matt had a few extra days off so we decided to be crazy brave and go camping with the boys!!! We loaded up the kiddos and the Happy Camper and headed to Burney Falls!
We found a good camp site and set up shop :0) The first thing we did was go on a hike to the waterfall (one of the prettiest ive seen!)
Everett loves being outside and pretty much slept during the whole hike :0)
Easton did so good on the hike! He never complained once and had a blast checking out the waterfall/walking along the river with mommy and daddy :0)
Me and my boys ♥
We ended up having to carry him for the last half mile or so...needless to say I he was pretty warn out by the time we were done! Worn out = good nap! ;0)
When we got back to camp, we started making our hobo packs for dinner! Hobo packs are pretty much the BEST camping dinners.ever! It has become a camping tradition of ours to make them!
YUM-O! :0)
Here is momma being scary silly around the campfire with smores in her teeth ;0) LOL!!! (picture via Easton!)
We had to keep Easton from the fire several times. He doesnt get the concept yet that fire is dangerous! It will be nice for mommy and daddy's anxiety when he understands those things better ;0) Easton and Everett slept like champs in the happy camper! It didnt get super freezing at night either which was a big plus :0) The next morning we ate breakfast by the campfire and then decided to hike to the falls one last time before we left. I brought my fishing pole this time (just in case!) and Matt was nice enough to watch the kiddos while i fished under the waterfall! I fished there for just about 20min and caught 5 fish!!! IT.MADE.MY.LIFE!
I dont remember the last time this momma was able to go fishing so it was a pretty awesome feeling to have a fish on the end of my line again! (best.feeling.EVER!) Here is a photoshoot with my fish. (i always take a pic of them before i let them go :0)
The biggest fish i caught was 14-15 inches! This is us on the hike back to camp :0)
and our failed attempt at a family picture ;0)
All in all it was a GREAT little camping trip! I look forward to the next one with my boys ♥ The End

The Big Day!

{I made this announcement totally intending to send it out to ppl but havent...Story of my LIFE these days!}
I figured i should post this before i forget all the details (being a mom of TWO kids will do that to you! ;0) Having Everett was a totally different but equally awesome experience. Having a repeat C-Section is kindof like scheduling a hair appointment (you know exactly the date and time you will need to be there to have your baby!) which is kindof weird considering normally you just wait for the baby to decide when to come! Well the day that Everett was sceduled to make his debut was June 27th. (First a funny story) So my mom and sister (Tara) wanted to be here for everything and help me out for a week after having Everett. They got here on the 26th which just so happened to be my 'pre-op' doctors appointment. In all the craziness of them coming to town/getting situated/us going out to eat etc. I TOTALLY forgot my appointment! Apparently the docs office tried both Matt and I on our cell phones but neither of us heard our phones so we didnt answer (what else is new! ;0) They were worried that i missed such an important appointment (like honestly the ONLY important doc appointment in the last few months of pregnancy!) so they called the POLICE! When we got back from eating there was a local PD car in our driveway! I got out of the car with a bewildered look on my face and as the officer approached me the first thing that came to my mind was "I didnt DO IT!" ;0) jk
He explained that my doctor was very worried that i didnt show up to my pre-op appointment! I.FELT.SO.DUMB! I couldnt believe that i missed my appointment!! SO long story short i made a few phone calls and got my pre-op instructions over the phone and was told to show up bright and early the next day to get started! :0)
Ready to GO!!!
We arrived at the hospital at 6am and they started drugging me up prepping me for surgery!
...NO, thats NOT a hippopotamus ;0) P.S. i made my hospital gown!
I was the docs first delivery of the day so things moved pretty quickly! I dont know what it is about c-sections but it just feels so weird to get wheeled into a cold operating room full of strangers and your doctor standing there waiting for you (kindof like a bad dream almost) im sure the fact that you are a little drugged at the time adds to the weirdness ;0) I just reminded myself why i was there. To meet my sweet baby for the first time! Such a rush of mixed feelings overcame me while they got me ready (excitement, fear, anxiety, happiness) When Matt finally came into the room he was a sight for sore eyes..i was much more comfortable with him by my side! ANYways they began the surgery and i felt them tugging around in my stomache. Its the wierdest feeling. I saw Matt look over the blue tarp they put over me and quickly look back at me...he looked like a deer in the headlights. It must have been quite the sight! Thank goodness i didnt feel any of that! FINALLY after hours it seemed i heard the sweet sound of my little newborn crying! Such an amazing feeling! They wiped him off a little and placed him on my chest. I was so greatful for this because when i had Easton, i didnt get to have him on me like that. He was so beautiful. Everything i hoped for and more. As i looked at our sweet new little boy and my husband i was filled with gratitude. Our anesthesiologist was really awesome and offered to take some pictures of us! Dont be jealous of our cool hats ;0)
I was also excited to get a 'gooey' picture of Everett (when they first come out (all gooey) and the doc is holding them up because i didnt get one of Easton!) But ill spare you that pic because im pretty sure anyone other than Matt and I would find it a little gross ;0) They took Everett to our room where my mom and sister took full advantage of snuggling Everett every chance they could get ;0)
Grandma snuggling with Everett.
Auntie Tara and Everett
After i recovered a little i got to go back to the room and see my sweet little guy some more! 
nothing but love
minus Easton
We wanted to leave the hospital as soon as we could (thats another story!) and were able to escape leave 2 days later. I was SO.HAPPY to see my sweet little Easton when i got home! ( i hadnt seen him in 3 days and missed him like crazy!)
Its amaizing how big he is compared to Everett...hes definitely a little boy now (not a baby anymore, which i have mixed feelings about ;0) He is so sweet with baby Everett and cant seem to leave him alone (Everett is off limits when he is sleeping and i constantly have to keep Easton from waking him up!) Life is so busy with two little boys but i wouldnt have it any other way! Welcome to the family sweet Everett! ♥

Look Whos TWO!

Yes, thats right! Easton turned TWO a couple of weeks ago! I still cant believe my baby is getting so big/growing up so fast!
This is such a fun age... though it has a bad reputation ('terrible twos') which can be true at times having a two year old is also super FUN/rewarding! He is learning SO.MUCH. right now! He is starting to put little sentences together and is learning/saying new words on a daily basis! Nothing makes me more proud then to see my little boy learning/figuring out new things! NOW on to the fun stuff..his party! I decided to do a 'little monster' themed party for my cute little monster ;0)
Dont you love it when you spend a ton of time on something and barely take any pictures?!! ;0) I learned how to make these cool balloon pillar thingys for the occasion :0) It turned out pretty cute and Easton had a blast with his little friends! This year he spit blew out his candles like a champ!
We ate lots of yummy food and had fun playing in THIS (Eastons birthday present from us!)
The process of getting this beast up and running deserves its own post! Easton has a blast with it though so it was definitely worth the work :0) For the party favors i made chocolate mustache pops (which were hilarious) and little stuffed monsters for the kids to 'adopt'/take home!
We had a great time celebrating the 2nd birthday of the cutest little boy in the whole world! Thanks to everyone who was able to join us! :0) Happy Birthday Easton ♥

Adventures in Bako!

A few weeks ago, we took a roadtrip to Bakersfield for my dads 60th birthday! We usually dont make the long trip for birthdays but since he is SO.OLD we had to go ;0)
Im glad we did (as always) because we got to spend lots of time with some of our favorite people! (When are y'all moving to northern Cal? ;0) My dad had a 'surprise' birthday party (that he totally knew about) and it was a blast!
Is it just me, or are dads impossible to shop/get gifts for??! I ended up getting him some outdoor push brooms (dont be jealous ;0) because he broke his old one and was using a kitchen broom to sweep outside!
While we were in town, we took the opportunity to go visit Matts Grandma and Grandpa's grave at the National Cemetery (it was so pretty over there!) It makes me sad that Easton and I never got to meet them.....
We took Easton on a couple of petting zoo adventures while we were there!..Here we are terrorizing petting the animals at Murray Farms ;0)
This was Eastons first petting zoo experience and he L.O.V.E.D it! It went well even though he thought it was pretty cool to herd the goats and sheep around (picture a stampede!) and there were two little roosters there that would chase him and try to attack him with their (insert Napolean Dynamite voice) large talons!  Its a good thing momma bear was there to protect him ;0) We also went to C.A.L.M with Matts brother and sister in law (who is also pregnant and due pretty much the same time i am=fun!)
Easton had a great time running from his parents/being a heathen looking at the animals ;0)
He and his cousin Dariyan are only a week apart and are going to be best buddies :0)
Here are a couple of the residents...
All in all we had a good time! The rest of our trip was spent hanging out with family (Easton loves spending time with his grandmas and grandpas! :0) and eating WAAAY too much food! Everytime we are in town we have to eat at least a dozen Smiths doughnuts/cookies each  and go to Rosemarys for ice cream at least once! These are both local businesses which means we have to be deprived of their goodness until we are in town!
While we were there my parents had their 38th wedding anniversary so we all went to the Elephant bar to celebrate :0)
We all had a blast and talked/laughed our heads off the whole time! Here are the gitty lovebirds ;0)
We also got to see my brother and sis-in-laws new casa while we were in town (super nice!) My SIL is due a month after i am and we are both having boys! Fun stuff! Here we are comparing our bumps :0)
The morning we left we (my brother,sister,mom and niece and I) went yardsaling before we hit the road! It was hilarious/fun driving around looking for signs/sales and we all scored some fabulous 'goods'. In case you didnt know, im kindof obsessed with yard sales ;0)
ANYwho, that pretty much sums up our trip!...they never seem long enough and i cant wait to go back for more fun/adventures with the family! The End