Whats in a name?

So today i made this necklace...i think you can guess the name that i we've picked ;0)

Its been difficult for me us to choose a name..because there are so many and names are kind of a big deal...they stick with you for-ev-er! So ive been looking for a name that wasnt very common but also wasnt weird (youd be amazed at the crazy stuff you see in baby name books/sites! Like 'Who in their right mind would name their kid ....................?!?') Anywho i think we have found a winner ;0) We havent decided on a middle name yet but we still have a few months to figure it out! SO, ive been in and out of the hospital lately..my pregnancy has been cake up til' a few days ago...contractions...very painful contractions. I didnt think it was normal to have those (at 23 weeks) so i went to the docs, they did some tests and put me on bedrest until they figure out whats wrong (which hopefully they will soon (im supposed to work on monday!) So im going to be 'taking it easy' this weekend. Has anyone else experienced gut-wrenching contractions/cramps in their 5th month of pregnancy?? Any advice is welcome ;0)

A year older

o i am a year older now..the ripe age of 24 to be exact. My birthday was on Jan 8th and i definitely feel a little older...which usually i dont..maybe its because im going to be a mommy in a few months..in fact, i know thats why ;0) We went to Fort Bragg..it was nice to get away and explore somewhere we've never been!

We took our children with us..(aka our dogs) and they had a blast running in the sand, playing in the water and eating things they probably shouldnt (aka nasty fly-infested seaweed!) Crazy dogs! Here they are in action..

We also went to a place called Glass Beach. The sand looked like this..

Isnt it pretty?! I spent about an hour collecting cool glass rocks (yes, im a nerd ;0) And we did a little tide-pool exploring..

..a seal even posed for matts picture ;0)

Anywho, that was our beach trip in a nutshell...good times!
And a quick BABY UPDATE...Hes been moving around like CRAZY in there! Ive been able to feel him move for a couple of weeks now and i think its the coolest thing in the world! He likes to move alot at night while im in bed..i love it ♥
A week or so ago matt and took the kids for a walk at the flumes...here are some pics from that adventure..

Daisy and Penny are buddies..its really cute!

and speaking of cute ♥

Thats all folks ♥