EaStEr FuN

Easter this year was cool because it was our first official one as a married couple..we werent able to get the time off to see our families in bakersfield but we had our own fun :0) We went to church in the a.m. then had our own easter egg hunt when we got home! i had been getting little presents for matt the previous week to hide for him on easter and lots of candy and plastic eggs from the dollar store...HEY they have good stuff there! :0) lol were still finding colored eggs that we missed outside our appartment ;0) Then we decided to try our luck with the crock pot we havent used yet..and it worked!! we succesfully made a pot roast that tasted great! Then we took our candy to the park and ate it by the river as we watched little kids hunt for eggs and some labs playing fetch in the water (which made me want a dog SO bad) we cant wait til we have room for one ;0) It was nice to do some much needed relaxing together!