I Heart Christmas Trees!

So i almost forgot to show you our beautiful Christmas tree..which would've been a tragedy :0) Last year Matt and i went and cut down our own Christmas tree in the forest (you can do that here) but this year we bought one and managed to squeeze it in the Bug..if you look closely you can see my little head poking out :0)

We got it home and started decorating..Mom Gates was in town so she helped us string popcorn and cranberries..good times :0) Alright here it is!
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Lu-Lu loves to knock the ornaments off and play underneath it :0) Anywho i just thought id share!


  1. Lovely, darling:) You guys did a great job on that tree! You never cease to amaze me with all your adventures and you figure out how to do everything on your own (your parents must have trained you so well) haha
    love, momb

  2. Hey Tenille...I love the pick with you in the car with the tree. The site to figure out who looks at your site is www.statcounter.com. It's free. It says what page visitors came from so sometimes you know who it is and sometimes you don't. If they are close to me I usually know who they are, but it gives you an idea of how many people around the country visit your site who you don't know. It's kind of freaky.;) Love you.

  3. I love that you get to put candy canes on your tree. We can't anymore cos Andi pulls them down and eats them, which is a horrible mess all in itself.

  4. I have never strung popcorn or cranberries. I really need to learn to do that.

    Your bug looks so cute with the tree in it too!

    Merry Christmas!

  5. Tenille, I'm working at the Superintendents Office! I am jealous of your red bug, I have wanted one FOREVER. When I was little my mom bought me one of those remote control ones... but it's just not the same! Your tree is so cute! It was good to hear from you! Merry Christmas!