SO Haloween has already come and gone and the end of this month will be our ONE YEAR anniversary!! Can you believe it?! I cant :0) I had to work Haloween this year..BOOO..BUT i didnt let that spoil it for me so I dressed up at work..as a puddy tatt :0)

I decided to make the 'costume' which consisted of ears and a tail myself :0) And my adorable husband wanted to help so HE made the awesome tail and I made the ears :0)

Anywho I got off work at 8:30 that night and was pretty tired..Matt and i ate some dinner and decided to get a new TOY..Its our anniversary present to eachother and were pretty excited about it!! Heres a hint...

Can you guess what it IS?? :0) i'll post pictures when its up and running!
Anywho..i hope y'all had a HAPPY HALLOWEEEEEN! :0)
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  1. that's gotta be a panasonic something... post what it is! I cannot wait to find out!

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  3. Big screen flat panel t.v. is my guess!

    Of course, you looked DARLING as a puddy tat! And, good job on the tail, Matthew! Do you have pics of the pumpkins you carved?

    Did you see the picture I posted on my blog of you two from Halloween 2006?

    Love, Mom Gates
    (It was me who deleted my first comment because I left out a word that made a sentence not make sense! :-/

  4. Such a cute costume! I just remember all the years you planned and carried out different costumes! In fact, I just got down all 6 boxes of costumes and gave most of them to Tara & the rest to Goodwill....don't need them anymore and don't want to store them. (Marc Hansen actually came over to borrow a blond wig to be a cheerleader right b4 I took the stuff to Tara's haha! Did Matthew go to work as a oil & lube man? can't wait to see what you got!
    love, momb

  5. Pa. . . nasonic. So my guess is a humongo TV.

  6. hey how do you do the templates and headers on your blog? It's always so cute!!!

  7. Tenille--
    Hey! I just checked out your blog and can I say that you have the CUTEST blog page ever? I love it! You've got to fill me in on how you got all that cool design stuff on it--
    It is great to see pics of you and your hubby--by the way, I love that wedding pic in the upper right hand corner of the page too--You guys are so cute.

  8. Tenille,

    Wow! I just came upon your blog and it is super cute! I hope you are enjoying married life!

  9. You guessed it..its a humungo TV! :0)