Our New Toy

SO...its been up and running for a few days now :0) but here it is!

...and you guessed it..its a BIG tv ;0) 42" to be exact and were lovin it! Movies are SO much better on a big screen! We mounted it on the wall in our room so we can watch movies in bed! Its great! I just hope that our neighbors cant hear it through the wall...we'll try not to watch Jurassic Park at midnight ;0)


  1. COOL BEANS! Very nice - Doug will be pea green with envy! JK
    Love, Mom Gates xoxoxo

  2. Wahooo nice TV...Happy Anniversary!

  3. Congrats! So cool! Your dad will be envious too:)
    as for the sound issue...I remember one of the nights I was there that the neighbors made their own noise with their game thingy!

  4. Im way jealous. We watch movies all the time and Jesus would love that. Where do you get your cute blog backgrounds?