Bowling in Chico

SO Matt and i decided to go bowling one night after work at the only bowling alley in Chico.We hadnt been in a while so we were a little rusty..Or maybe I was just rusty because Matt did fine job beating me :0) Here he is in action!

I picked the pink ball :0)

We played a few games and decided to wrap it up when i was tired of losing ;0)

We went up to the front to turn in our super cool bowling shoes and pay for our was 35 dollars!!! Never in my life have i paid that much for 25 minutes of bowling! As far as im concerned it was a rip off! Fun? yes, but $35 worth of fun?..see ladies and gentlemen..this is one of the reasons why we FISH so much..One, its cheap.Two, you don't get 'rusty' and finally, its always FUN!


  1. Goodness! Did you buy the lovely shoes and cool balls for that? Crazy!
    Glad at least you had fun:)

  2. Wow! I can't ever remember the time when bowling was more expensive than going to the movies! And, $35 would include popcorn, drinks AND candy! Yikes!
    Love, Mom G.
    P.S. Here's a blast from the past -as kids we went bowling every Friday with mom and dad. It was 3 lines for $1 !!! How's that for STONE AGE prices! :-D

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