SO it's getting cold pretty quick over here so we decided to squeeze one more camping trip in before they close up the camp sites for the winter. We just so happened to have two days in a row off together so it was the perfect opportunity! We packed up all of our campin gear and headed for the mountains..We wanted to eat some trout that night so we decided to catch our dinner first and set up camp later..which was fine with me :0) While we were fishing there was a little incident and one of our poles ended up breaking :0( BUT we managed to score some pretty big trout with just one pole :0)
..Do you like my cool fishing creel? ;0)

We (mostly matt) set up camp..i love that boy :0)

Then came time to clean the fish and get it ready to cook.. :0)

Then we made a fire..

..and ate some fish :0) We also roasted marshmellows and made some smores..good stuff! When it got freezing and dark we went into our cozy tent and watched some Planet Earth episodes before we hit the hay..thanks mom! :0)

It was freezing at night and the worst is when you wake up at 2am and have to go to the bathroom.. which means that you must leave your warm sleeping bag and walk in the dark to the creepy campground bathroom full of spiders! lol no fun! Anyways when we finally woke up in the morning we went for a walk and found a 'cool' old water WAS 'cool' until i got...

It was disgusting and didnt look like it would come out..and of course we didnt have any soap so we went and borrowed some from the little old couple camping next to us. We washed it in the river and it finally came out! We returned the soap and gave the nice old people two peaces of marie calendar's Rasleberry pie that we brought up with us..THANK YOU for the gift card Mom Gates..I LOVE YOU! SO after that craziness we cleaned up our camp site and went fishing some more! We saw some pretty places that we hadnt been to before and enjoyed the beautiful weather..and water :0)

We caught some fish and had fun spending time together on our camping trip! :0)


  1. That is super cool. Those fish looked like good eat'n

  2. Just LOVE to read about and see pictures of your adventures! You are both SO cute! And, WOW! You actually ate some of those pretty rainbow trout! Sorry you broke your fishing pole, though. :-( And, a 2 a.m.trip to the outhouse with spiders in it - that's why homey don't do dat campin' no mo'!!!!! LOVE YOU! - - Mom Gates

  3. Thank you for displaying the "Cure Lupus" sign. how sweet of you!It's actually Lupus Awareness Month but nobody pays attention to it because it's also Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Love, Mom Gates