So Matt and i are back from our little get-away and i must say that we had a fabulous time staying in the Trinity Alps! The weather was perfect for us and we had a blast exploring 'uncharted territory' :0) We stayed at a Victorian Inn in a cute little town tucked away in the mountains. During our stay there we saw lots of deer :0)

It felt so good to relax and celebrate our first year of happiness together :0) We did some hiking and enjoyed some breathtaking this one..

We also fished in the Trinity river for steel head trout..and we caught a MONSTER!! No, looked like a monster! LoL

We werent sure if it was a steel head or a salmon..whatever it was it was BIG and it had big TEETH!

I caught the thing but Matts the only one who got a picture with it..go figure! :0) Funny Story: the rivers further up north are a LOT colder than the ones that we're used to and my feet were SO cold while we were fishing and wading in the water that i could barely WALK! When we got back to the hotel i thought that a hot shower would help defrost my aching feet but i soon found that it was a bad idea! My feet turned a bright shade of PURPLE and started swelling up! By the time i bailed out of the shower my feet were HUGE! Matt had gone to the store for something and i was freaking out thinking that my feet were going to fall off! I kept off my feet until the swelling slowly started going down..Ive come to the conclusion that i did in fact get Frost Bite! Anywho i hope you found that incident amusing :0) Matt and i have decided that we need to start using Waders to prevent that from happening in the future..i wonder if they make them in pink ;0) SO anyway i better put more pictures on here for you..We went to a 'fish hatchery' and saw lots of BIG fish!

We also got to see the fish jumping up the 'fish ladder'..that was pretty neat.We had fun finding cool things to do and see..We hiked up to a couple of waterfalls near Wiskeytown before it got dark..

Before we knew it, it was already time to pack up and go home. We got our lines wet one more time before we hit the road :0) The End

P.S...I LLLOOOVE my hubby :0)


  1. We're so glad you had a nice time! Great pictures! Cute couple! Ugly fish! Your poor feet!
    Great memories! Love, Mom & Dad G.

  2. Sounds like a fun weekend. congrats on hitting the one year mark!

  3. Youre so funny. I wish we had done something fun for our one year but I was 6 months prego and didnt feel like going anywhere.

  4. Tenille- I'm glad you had a good one year anniversary. The fish was huge!!!!!! Anyways, hope we cross paths during Christmas. xoxo

  5. How scary about your feet! I know you are a daredevil and can handle pain, but that is crazy! Weird looking HUGE fish, tho:) Sounds like you guys had a great anniversary....but anything you two do together seems to be fine with you as long as you are together:)
    love you both!

  6. so your saying you had shrek feet??