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This year Matt and i are spending Thanksgiving together as a family :0) Were cookin' lots of food just for the two of us and hopefully we wont burn the place down! jk
I just thought id mention a few things that i am thankful for...
1. My Husband and best friend ~ Im so grateful that we will be a family forever!
2.My Heavenly Father ~ Id be lost without Him.
3. My amaizing Family ~ Thanks for all of the support friendship and Love!
4.Friends ~ Theyre great too :0)

I hope everyone has a wonderful THANKsgiving :0)

1 comment:

  1. We're thankful for BOTH OF YOU!! You are such a great blessing in our lives and we are so proud of you two! Happy Thanksgiving and have a great weekend celebrating your anniversary! We love you!
    Love, Mom and Dad G. xoxoxoxoxoxo