I've been DOUBLE Tagged :0)

Erin AND Laura both 'tagged' me SO i guess im supposed to tell y'all 6 things you might not know about Me :0)

1: We just put up our Christmas lights..bet ya didnt know that ;0)
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2:I had a paper route for the longest time and threw papers at 4am every morning!
3:I was a TEN POUND baby...sorry Mom!
4:I LOVE Q-tips and use a TON of them :0)
5:I am DEATHLY afraid of sharks but find them strangely fascinating. I love 'shark week' on the Discovery Channel :0)
6:Im still slightly afraid of the dark ;0)
BONUS: I own a Ferret :0)

Did i surprize anyone?? Now I 'tag' Mom Gates, Mom Bulkeley, Brittany & Tae :0) xoxo


  1. Hey Tenille---paper girl huh? Would have never guessed.:) We are going to be going to Bako too on the 22nd. I need your digits to your cell phone. I think I might have an old number. Email me them on facebook and I will do likewise. LOVE YOU!

  2. Im afraid of sharks too. I want to go surfing but I am too afraid that I would get eaten.

  3. Hi Tenille! So this is Alexis Villanueva. Well I was being a creep, and decided to come, and look at your page. Apparently I fill my spare time in Korea with reading peoples blogs. I enjoyed your last two posts, and then I had to stop reading because I thought that I was being a little too creepy. So this is me letting you know that:
    1. I enjoy your blog
    2. I loke to read your blog, and some how by letting you know this I feel slightly less creep like
    3. I don't understand how your blog is so cute.
    Okay well I am done being weird.

  4. I finally got caught up with your lives. I just have to say that I an jelous that you two have time to spend together and have so much fun. Five kids does not let that happen and I am feeling old now that I read what you two are doing I am happy for you though. That is so awesome that Matt loves fishing and camping as much as you. Keep having fun for us. I have to say that I am so impressed with your blog. I would like to know some more of your tricks like the cool frames for your pictures and the black and white with color and the pictures along the sides and lots more. I guess next time you are in town you can show me. You can try to tell me with a tutorial and I can try it too. I guess I have time constraints too but with my love for scrapbooking I have interest in my blog being cool. I love you both and hope to see you soon.

    Tara Krumm

  5. Your blog is always so festive Tenille. I like the ordaments.:)