Interesting week

Last week was pretty interesting at day i came in to find that there was a flower delivery for me and it was on my station..All of the girls were curious to see who it was from.I figured it was from Matt or a family member..after all, it IS almost our Anniversary but NO..i read the letter and was pretty creeped out to find that it was from a customer!

He said i cut his hair in the note but his name did not ring a bell PLUS im pretty sure he noticed the picure of my HUSBAND and i on my station and the ROCK on my left hand...creepy. Matt was a little disturbed but i assured him of my Karate skills! LoL
And yesterday I cut my client Steve's hair who had mentioned that he hunts with falcons the previous time i cut his hair..i told him that id love to see his bird and he had it with him this time! It was pretty neat to see and he let me hold him too! The bird had a 'hood' on so i wouldn't scare him away ;0)

"Who" is a Peregrine Falcon..isnt he amaizing?!

Anyways its not very often that you get to see one of those guys up close so that was pretty cool..I think ive earned some bragging rights as well ;0)


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  2. very creepy about the flowers, but that bird is cool!

  3. Do these guys know your last name? You may want to change your blog URL so it's not so easily accessible. There are LOTS of weird-o's out there. The flowers incident is really disturbing.
    Love, Mom and Dad G.

  4. ummm creepy! But Im not surprised, you're pretty hot stuff! Dont worry Im not stalking you. HA HA HA!!!!(Creepy laugh)

  5. Hey Tenille...This story was funny. The combination of the stalker story and the falcon made me think of that creepy guy that's on all the Adam Sandler movies. You know, the one with the messed up teeth? Is the falcon lover him? Maybe the falcon lover is the flower man too. It's not everyday that a man brings a falcon to his hair dresser ;) Ojito mija.

  6. well I've gotten used to Thad not gaining weight, but it really gave me a complex when we first started dating ;) oh, and Thad can get a dog when i'm not allergic to them anymore ;)

  7. how scary about the careful, you are very friendly, just like your dad. some people take it the wrong way, but w/your ring & the pic of you and matthew....weird!
    the falcon is really cool....what an experience to get to hold one!
    have a great turkey day:)
    love, momb

  8. Thank you for your concern :0)Happy thanksgiving everyone!