Spring is here!

I love Springtime. Everything is so fresh ♥ This is our first spring in our new house so weve been excited to see what kind of flowers will bloom in our yard! Just recently, weve gotten a little glimpse of whats starting to bloom...i dont know the names of the flowers, yet but here are some pictures of some of the lovelies ;0)

..i know these arent flowers, but they are pretty none the less..and appropriate for the coming holiday ;0)

We have an awesome garden area in our backyard with 6 giant built in planters! It is covered in weeds right now but will soon be a plentiful garden...that is, if i can keep these guys from eating and destroying our freshly planted plants (true story.) Any suggestions? Look! I found a dirty little puppy in my garden ;0)

Penelope and Daisy are partners in crime best friends ;0)

Spring has also given us oranges...lots of oranges! (not all shown)

We have two little orange bushes in our front yard and they gave us over a hundred oranges! We had so many, that we didnt know what to do with them SO...we made juice!

mmm...theres nothing like fresh orange juice ♥ Well, i hope you all are enjoying the Spring weather and getting some fresh air..i know i am ;0)


  1. Your flowers look beautiful. I am excited to see pictures of your garden when it is finished. You have so many different talents and hobbies that I'm sure you'll find lots of things to keep you busy when you stay home with your little guy. Good luck these next 10 weeks getting everything ready for him. I hope you are feeling great and still getting lots of sleep!

  2. I know the first flowers are Camillia and the second is Hyacinth(bulbs)but I've got nothin on the others. When you find out let me know, they are very pretty. Good luck with the garden!

  3. GREAT pictures Tenille! I love all the colors, and you have the cutest kitchen EVERRRR! :)

  4. Your yard is going to be bloomin' beautiful!!! In order of the photos here's what I think everything is: camellia (japonica), hyacinth, cyclamen (which I can NEVER get to live in Bako!), possibly apple blossoms, monk's cap, and I think the clover-looking plant might actually be an edible sorrel. Not sure, however. Let me know if any little flowers bloom from the "clover." WOW! I never would have dreamed your little orange trees would produce SO many oranges! It's wonderful! Also, you are going to have one whole side of the driveway filled with lilacs, and you also have quite a few azalea bushes. SO beautiful! Thanks for sharing the photos! Love, Mom G. xoxo

  5. I love the spring as well! Thank you so much for your comment on the Whippy Cake giveaway, your baby would love the Baby Sack he'd be so cozy! Good luck to you on the giveaway.

  6. Beautiful flowers! How exciting to see what comes up next:)The oranges looked wonderful...were they good? (what is the giveaway thing about?)
    Love you guys!