Ive been getting the crafty itch lately!...i think its my version of nesting ;0)
A few days ago, i made these bookshelves (all by myself) for Eastons room! It was pretty easy to do and im happy with the outcome...even more happy with the price! They came out to be like 5 or 6 dollars each...sure beats paying 20 bucks a pop! ;0)

I also painted these cool giant buttons...

And put them up on the wall ♥


  1. where on earth did you find those buttons?!

  2. DARLING. seriously!

    I am with Brittany - Where did you get those buttons and also, how did you make those shelves! We need a tutorial!

  3. The room looks Fab!
    I lovvvve the buttons!
    Where do you shop? I want to go!
    I love the shelves, too!

  4. Thanks guys! I actually found the buttons at TJMaxx..and i was SO excited! :0) I'll work on the was super easy!

  5. I'm just jealous that your husband lets you near the saw.... let alone USE it!! LUCKY

  6. I want to know how you did the shelves! I would love to do something like that in my son's room. The buttons are adorable!!! Way to go!


  7. The shelves are great, but I am LOVIN' the buttons! PRECIOUS!!!

  8. i just bought the shelves at ikea for $15 each. as soon as i brought them home i thought " i bet i could make them myself" yours are absolutely perfect. i can't wait to see your instructions!!

  9. Those buttons are awesome, when you said GIANT I didn't realize you meant that big! I need them, NEED THEM!