Shelf Tutorial

This is a tutorial on how to build these fun bookshelves that i posted about the other day!

Ive never done one of these before but here goes ;0)
What you will need:

~WOOD! board sizes: 1' 4, 1' 3 & 1' 2. (i got the 10' long ones so that i had enough to make 2 shelves. My shelves are 45' long.)

~Wood Glue..i personally like Gorilla Glue.

~Finishing nails

~Caulk and paint

What to Do:
~Cut each board to your desired size..if you want 45' shelves, cut each board 45' long.

~Use wood glue to glue the pieces this:

Note: the widest board (1' 4) goes on the bottom.
~Let that dry for about an hour..
~I found this next step to be the hardest..nailing them together. It made me wish that i had a nail gun! Anywho, just take your finishing nails and nail the boards together...i did like 5 nails per side.

Now, it should now look something like this..
 ~Now you just have to caulk the cracks/ let that dry/ and then paint! (I ended up doing 2 coats) Then you are finished! Have fun :0)


  1. thats super cute... and something i could do... if i was allowed near sharp objects!

  2. Thanks Kels! If I can be around sharp objects..YOU can be around sharp objects ;0) However i would reccomend keeping your fingers and limbs as far away from the saw as possible while doing this project ;0)

  3. yay thanks for the diy! i can't wait to make these for my boys rooms. i totally taking back the ones i got at ikea.

  4. Thank you so much for posting this Tenille. I have had my eye on some shelves like this in a Pottery Barn catalog for a while now. This is SOOO much cheaper! They look great too. I have always wanted these kind of bookshelves so that my kids can actually see the book covers. Thank you again!

  5. Your welcome! I hope making them goes smoothly for youguys :0)