Cool Blogging Tip!

If youve seen the blogs with big beautiful pictures in their posts and you want in, go HERE. There is an awesome tutorial on how to customize your picture sizes! There are a few ways to do it however, all i did was updated my 'Post Editor'..which i should have done like...yesterday! Who knew there was an Updated version?! To change yours, click on 'Settings'--scroll down the page until you see 'Select Post Editor'  choose 'Updated Editor' and then 'Save' will be glad you did! is RAD. Now when you upload a picture into your posts you now have an 'extra large' picture option which is way bigger and better than the old option. There is also another way to edit your pics (if youre hard to please still not happy with the bigger size ;0) You can edit your post pictures in HTML as well..again, the awesome tutorial for that is here :0) If you end up doing this, let me know how you like it!! Have a fabulous day ♥

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